Career Events

  • Career Events
    Effective Interview Skills Workshop [Webinar]

    13 Oct 2020

    For many students and job applicants, often the most daunting part of the recruitment process is the interview. Our guest speaker, Mr. Gary Lo, Managing Director of Glo Consulting Limited, was invited to share high level insights of how to be more competitive for the job interviews. Additionally, his focus on giving participants tips on how to improve and offer an easy-to-follow process for students to be confident at interviews.

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    Career Talk - FORMS Syntron Banking Talent Programme

    30 Jul 2020

    Interested in a career at banking? FORMS Syntron, a passionate recruiter for some of Asia’s and the world’s leading banks and banking corporates, delivered a career talk on how to secure their dream career in banking. They also introduced students to their highly respected Banking Talent Programme, which aims to equip fresh graduates with the skills necessary to compete and be successful in the highly competitive banking industry.

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    The 10th Induction Ceremony of the HKBU Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Society

    16 Apr 2020

    The School of Business took in a new record number of 141 nominees of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) this year. This reflects on the high calibre of our students and represents our continuous efforts towards nurturing students to higher performance. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 pandemic, it was unfeasible to safely host the Induction Ceremony. However, we warmly welcome those new members to the BGS Community in HKBU Chapter, and wish them the very best for their future endeavours!

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    Innovate with Design Thinking [Webinar]

    07 Apr 2020

    In the constantly changing world with technology advancement, successful future business leaders no longer apply linear thinking to solve difficult projects. Design Thinking has been gaining its value as a new solution nowadays.

    What is Design Thinking? It is a human-centric approach to challenge assumptions, unlock creativity to cope with problems and deliver innovative solutions in workplace.

    Our guest speaker, Mr. King Chau, was invited to deliver a webinar aimed at preparing students for their future careers by bracing them for the potential challenges faced. It is thought that with this knowledge participants should be able to outperform their peers and be more successful in tackling future global problems.

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    Driving Value with Big Data [Webinar]

    31 Mar 2020

    Today more than ever, the data that businesses collect about us and the world around us grows exponentially. Businesses are more and more relying on this data to move forward in their decision making. Therefore, it is essential that students grasp the concept of Big Data, so that they are more prepared for their future careers.

    Our guest speaker, Mr. King Chau, was invited to deliver a webinar and share the fundamentals of Big Data, and how it can be used to help us excel in the workplace, equipping attendees with the essential insights that are necessary for a successful business career.

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    Business Networking & Grooming Workshop

    29 Oct 2019

    Attending business functions and summits can be a daunting prospect for students, especially those who are perhaps inexperienced or unsure of how to present themselves. Professional guest instructor, Miss Joven Mak, from Blink by Joven, passionately offered our students a workshop on how to improve our networking etiquette and grooming, so to be more memorable for potential recruiters or future business partners.

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    How to create an appealing LinkedIn Profile Workshop

    22 Oct 2019

    LinkedIn Account Executive, Mr. Tony Chiu, joined us to encourage students to create and enrich their LinkedIn professional profile. LinkedIn is a powerful platform that enables students and young professionals to reach out and connect to other professionals in the business world. Many opportunities that having a strong LinkedIn portfolio can unlock, Tony advised attendees how they can improve their profiles and stand out from the crowd.

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    The 9th Induction Ceremony of the HKBU Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Society

    16 Apr 2019

    109 outstanding graduates, students and faculty members from the School of Business were honoured with lifetime membership of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) this year.

    The Dean of Business Professor Ed. Snape said: "Being one of the 590+ BGS chapters around the globe, the School is proud to provide our students with such a valuable opportunity to connect with top business graduates and business leaders worldwide."

    Chairman of Deloitte China Mr. Philip Tsai was awarded the Chapter Honouree for his significant contribution. An alumnus of the School of Business and an External Advisor to the School's Department of Accountancy and Law, Mr. Tsai is also known as a business figure with an extensive portfolio of public and community service appointments from government organisations and charities.

  • Career Day

    13 Nov 2018

    This was our first Career Day we had partnered with an external media agency where students could enjoy taking a professional business portrait, attending a make-up session and visiting a CV review booth.

  • Personal Branding with Career Success:

    Session 1 : Self-introduction (Brand Positioning and Messaging) 30 Oct 2018

    Session 2 : Tips on How to Groom for Job Interviews and Network like a Professional 6 Nov 2018

    "Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room." Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder of Amazon

    A strong personal brand will help you stand out from the crowd and more importantly advance your career. The workshop consisted of two sessions. During the first session, participants learnt more about the value of developing their own unique selling propositions. In the second session, students gained more practical tips on how to act like a professional such as professional business manner and dressing tips.

  • Career Outlook in Financial Services Industry

    16 Oct 2018

    Dr. Billy Mak, Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences of HKBU, shared his seasoned industry experience, challenges and opportunities as well as entry requirements of the financial services industry with our students.

  • How to Ace in Assessment Centre

    2 Oct 2018

    Assessment Centre is often viewed as one of the final selection stages for hiring managers to evaluate candidates’ capabilities, their traits and suitability in a holistic way. We were delighted that the participants had a trial on self-introduction and group discussion after being introduced the principle of this multiple selection tool.

  • Crafting a Tailor-made Cover Letter

    18 Sep & 21 Sep 2018

    Writing an appealing cover letter may result in being offered an interview. It is the first impression of the potential employers about the candidates. Students were very keen on getting insights that could set them apart and arouse the attention of prospective employers.

  • Writing an Interview-winning CV: What are the Keys and Mistakes to Avoid

    11 Sep & 12 Sep 2018

    “How can you get your resume noticed by recruiters? What are the fatal mistakes?” These questions often interest students the most. Students were given a chance to talk to our trainers and received immediate feedback on how to polish their resumes professionally and effectively.

  • The 8th Induction Ceremony of the HKBU Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Society

    25 Apr 2018

    101 outstanding graduates, students and faculty members of the School of Business of the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) were honoured with lifetime membership of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) at the 8th Induction Ceremony of BGS Hong Kong Baptist University Chapter on 25 April 2018. Dr. William Leung Wing-cheung, SBS, JP, an experienced and well-respected banker, was awarded the Chapter Honouree for his significant contribution to fostering the financial and banking industry, as well as the tertiary education sector and the community at large in Hong Kong.

  • Recruitment Talk - Everbright Sun Hung Kai

    10 Apr 2018

    Everbright Sun Hung Kai, formerly known as Sun Hung Kai Financial, was on campus to introduce the hiring position “Investment Consultant Trainee”. We were thankful to have Mr. Boris Chan, Vice President, Sales Training, Wealth Management & Brokerage to speak to our interested students.

  • Recruitment Talk – ShineWing

    27 Mar 2018

    ShineWing, one of the largest domestic accounting and consulting firms, returned to our campus to recruit for their internship and graduate programmes. Ms. Gloria So, Principal of ShineWing together with the HR team had interactive dialogues with our students discussing the career prospects and highlighting the industry survival tips.

  • Mock Interview Practice with HR Alumni

    24 Mar 2018

    One of the effective ways to prepare for job interviews is to practise with someone you find him or her professional and reliable. We were very delighted to invite our HR alumni of Master of Human Resources Management Programme to conduct mock interviews with our postgraduate business students.

  • HSBC Global Banking Lead Speaks on Sustainable Financing

    1 Mar 2018

    Managing Director, Co-Head of Global Banking, Mr. Wallace Lam from HSBC Hong Kong was engaged in an afternoon’s dialogue with a full house of participants, covering a broad set of contemporary issues in sustainable finance and economy.

  • Overview to Management/Graduate Trainee Programmes and Internships in Hong Kong

    18 Jan 2018

    “How can I get into the Management Trainee, Graduate Trainee and internship programmes?” This popular question was addressed by our invited industry expert from HKCareers who presented an overview of the market trends in various sectors: accounting, consulting, commercial & retail banking, digital, Fintech & IT, etc.. Appealing tips including interview preparation process, career prospects, job duties and entry requirements were also discussed.

  • Recruitment Talk – Kerry Logistics

    21 Nov 2017

    Mr. Jeff Ma, Assistant General Manager, Training & Development of Kerry Logistics presented the details of the internship and graduate programmes. We were happy to hear our alumus sharing his insider experience.

  • Recruitment Talk – Disneyland

    17 Nov 2017

    A large crowd of business students was attracted to attend the recruitment talk delivered by the HR executives of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The participants benefited from the HR & alumni sharing before applying for the graduate opportunities as well as summer internships.

  • Master Your Interview Skills - Discover & Ignite Your Passion to Inspire Interviewers

    31 Oct 2017

    Preparing for job interviews is time-consuming but definitely not a waste of time. Students are confident, and may have the required skills and knowledge. However, how can they convince the interviewers that they are the most suitable ones? The trainer was here to share the strategies how to get interviewers hooked, reinforce students’ personal success and sharpen their impromptu speaking skill.

  • Develop Your Career Plan Strategically – How? Why? When?

    19 Oct 2017

    Career success does not happen overnight. Instead of procrastinating job search or missing any excellent opportunities, participants were coached to understand the importance, urgency and ownership of career planning.

  • How to Excel in Assessment Centre

    10 Oct 2017

    Assessment Centre is not a physical location. It is a selection process where candidates’ personality and aptitudes are assessed through multiple evaluation tools such as interviews, group exercises, presentations and psychometric testing. Participants were not only instilled this concept, but also gained hands-on practice as well as concrete feedback from our experienced trainer.

  • Career Outlooks of Financial Services Industry

    28 Sep 2017

    Dr. Billy Mak, Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences of HKBU, shared insider tips on industry trends, opportunities and challenges students had to face in order to get into the financial services industry.

  • CV Writing Workshop – How to Write Accomplishments & Avoid Making Fatal Mistakes

    12 & 14 Sep 2017

    Students were taught how to write strategically in their resume rather than using a standard template. Immediate feedback on their own CV was also given during the workshop.

  • The 7th Induction Ceremony of the HKBU Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Society

    27 Apr 2017

    81 outstanding graduates and students of the School of Business of the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) were honoured with lifetime memberships of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) at the 7th Induction Ceremony of BGS Hong Kong Baptist University Chapter on 26 April 2017. Dr. Merle A. Hinrich, Executive Chairman of Global Sources, was awarded the Chapter Honouree for his significant contribution to fostering business and technology innovation in global trade.

  • Recruitment Talk – ShineWing

    11 Apr 2017

    Mr. Douglas Kwan, Partner of Assurance and Business Advisory Services, and Ms Agnes Ip, Head of Recruitment of ShineWing brought our alumni back to the campus, and introduced the internship and graduate programmes.

  • How to Build and Structure Your Compelling Story to Employers for Job Interviews?

    21 Mar 2017

    “How can you impress the interviewers with your unique stories? How compelling are they?” Students were demonstrated the key elements an impressive story should comprise.

  • Case Study Workshop

    14 Mar 2017

    “Why do organisations use case studies to select candidates?” Participants were given chances to have real practice and obtained immediate feedback on how to improve and excel in the hiring process.

  • Recruitment Talk – Crystal Group

    3 Mar 2017

    Representatives of Crystal Group were at HKBU to host a recruitment talk for our business students, during which the Associate Programme was introduced. Crystal Group is one of the global leaders in garment manufacturing in Hong Kong, providing comprehensive one-stop services in fashion apparel for a broad base of MNC customers.

  • Managing Your First Job with a Right Attitude and Survival Tip

    23 Feb 2017

    Our alumni were back to the campus! They were happy to share the positive work attitude and tips transitioning from college to the professional world.

  • Networking Etiquette – How to Network Like a Professional

    10 Feb 2017

    How to succeed in business? Our students gained some practical and professional networking tips such as extending a proper handshake with confidence, ordering meals, ways to initiate conversations, and exchanging name cards.

  • Popular Job Search Platform for Savvy Job Seekers

    19 Jan 2017

    Popular job search engines and tips on job hunting strategies were covered to prepare students for their job search.

  • Company Visit to Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporations

    1 Nov 2016

    On 1 November, about 20 students joined a company visit to Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), where housed 600 technology companies and approximately 13,000 talents. During the visit, students explored career prospects, and gathered latest industry information.

  • Students learn how to ace in Assessment Centres from human resources management professional

    25 Oct 2016

    Ms. Sarah Leung, Director of Tim Robinson Limited, a recruitment and human resources consulting company that specialises in talent acquisition, talent development, and talent engagement, delivered an engaging three-hour workshop on how to ace assessment centres on 25 October.

  • Finance industry experts offer insights on Fintech and the Future of Wealth Management

    18 Oct 2016

    As part of the FSDC Practitioner Speakers Series, the seminar “Fintech and the Future of Wealth Management,” was organised by the School of Business, Career Centre, and Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council on 18 October to provide students with insights from finance industry experts Mr. Lai Voon San, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Value Partners Group Limited, and Mr. Stephen Wong Yuen-shan, FSDC Marketing Development Committee Member, and Deputy Executive Director and Head of Public Policy of OUR Hong Kong Foundation.

  • HR consultant urges students to map out career path early

    20 Sep 2016

    Around 50 motivated students attended the seminar “Develop Your Career Plan Strategically – How? Why? When?” organised by the Career Services Section of the School on 20 September. Ms. Sarah Leung, Director of Tim Robinson Limited, shared insights and tips of developing a promising career plan.

  • The 6th Induction Ceremony of the HKBU Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Society

    18 May 2016

    The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma Society (BGS) inducted 68 new members at its 6th Induction Ceremony on 18 May. At the ceremony, the School of Business conferred upon Dr. Chan Yue Kwong, Michael, Director and Former Chairman of Café de Coral Holdings Limited, the Beta Gamma Sigma Honoree Award in honour of his significant accomplishments in both business and the community.

  • ShineWing recruitment talk: alumni share career advice

    14 Apr 2016

    Mr. Douglas Kwan, Principal of Assurance and Business Advisory Services, and Ms Agnes Ip, Head of Recruitment of ShineWing, gave a brief overview of the company’s background, strengths and future development. “Employees are our top priority.” said Agnes, who introduced the buddy programme and coaching programme of ShineWing. She also hosted a bingo game, giving away fast passes of the assessment center to students who gave the correct answers to the questions about the company.

  • Speak Up: Business Student Public Speaking Contest 2016

    05 Apr 2016

    Speak Up 2016, the annual signature public speaking contest of the School of Business, was held on 5 April 2016. Five finalists spoke up in front of around 50 attendees on the theme “Globalisation and Innovation”.

  • Mr. James S. Tsien gives career advice from multiple perspectives

    23 Feb 2016

    The School of Business was pleased to invite Mr. James S. Tsien, the School’s Honorary Professor to speak at a career planning seminar under the Distinguished Speaker Series on 23 February 2016. Over 50 students attended the seminar to pick the business leader’s brain on how to start a successful career in multinational companies.

  • Grooming School of Business students to succeed in job interviews

    27 Jan 2016

    After the coldest and grayest weekend ever, beauty care giant L’Oréal brought us some color at a grooming workshop organized by our Career Services Section on 27 January 2016. The workshop was a blend of job interview skills, skin care and make up techniques, helping students to have job interviews with confidence.

  • Professional accountants share their path of transformation

    26 Jan 2016

    To prepare students for entering the accounting profession, representatives from Ernst & Young were invited to share the latest industry trends and give personal tips in navigating in the industry on 26 January 2016.

  • Veteran banker illustrates how the changing industry landscape affects banking career

    17 Nov 2015

    Alumni Joson Shiu and Kyle Ngai (Information Systems and e-Business Management concentration, BBA ‘14, together with four team members from different sectors won the $300,000 FOR NEW VENTURE Business Plan Competition organised by the Knowledge Transfer Office of the Hong Kong Baptist University.

  • “Hunt the hunter” workshop provides insight into job application

    15 Sep 2015

    The workshop gave students insight into the recruitment process from the employer's perspective, and tips to stand out from the crowd. The main speakers, Dr. Leo Ho and Mr. Teddy Chan, were both senior business executives with over 20 years of corporate experience. Dr. Ho now serves as an Adjunct Professor at the School. The main purpose of this workshop, as explained by Dr. Ho, is “to help students better equip themselves for the corporate world in the future”.