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Emmy Zhong Class of 2017, BBA in Accounting
Summer Intern, EY

EY is my dream company. I was impressed with its company culture and business during a company visit. Three years later, I went into the very same building, but this time as a summer intern in People Advisory Services department. My major duty was individual tax dealing, which included 6 processes for one tax return. Besides getting familiar with Hong Kong salaries tax calculation and related regulations and standards, I met friends and colleagues from different universities, as well as patient and helpful supervisors who offered me chances to deal with special cases and important engagements. I worked on over 15 engagements during the 6 weeks. EY does not only want “calculators” or “law books”. The accounting industry is a professional service industry. In my opinion, being a successful accountant requires diligence, communication skills, and most importantly, a mind to serve. I suggest that fellow peers who would like to join the accounting industry participate in more school activities in advance such as firm visits, volunteer work, exchange programs, public speaking events, etc.. In accounting, everything counts.