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Ice Wang Class of 2016, MSc in Business Management
Junior Bond Trader, Bank of Communication Hong Kong Branch

I am now a Bond Trader working in the Investment Department of the Bank of Communication (BoCom). As one of the largest note-issuing banks based in China, I am thrilled with the diversified exposure and career path ready for me here. Being part of the bank’s competitive Department Trainee Program, I have had the chance to rotate between both the “buy” and “sell” sides of the industry, which allowed me to gain exposure to a number of different financial products. At BoCom, I have also had the chance to gain practical knowledge about the macroeconomics and monetary policies of various countries. We explore the opportunities and challenges of various industries or companies and, in doing so, develop the know-how of charting suitable investment solutions and hedging strategies. I aspire to become an excellent trader with a high level of sensitivity and resilience to rapid market changes in the financial sector.