Career Success Stories

Career Success Stories

Leo Hsu

Class of 2019, BBA Marketing

During my internship at the Regional Office of Adidas, I was responsible for a restructure project for footwear packaging manual supporting the company’s sustainability strategy. I was required to work on the marketing hangtag consolidations and generate analyses of cost impacts. Not only did I get to know how to apply the theories learnt from classrooms, I was also able to learn how to achieve sustainability in the real business world. The internship was a very practical and pleasant experience as my manager and the team were so supportive and willing to teach me by involving me a lot in actual operations. For those who are keen on joining the sportswear company, my experience to share is that it is essential to be innovative and passionate as they allow their employees a great deal of freedom and space for creativity. Qualities like self-confidence and diligence are also the key to success in all career aspects. View more

Brian Li

Class of 2018, BCom in Human Resources Management

I interned in the Human Resources Services Team at IKEA Hong Kong over the summer, and got the chance to experience first-hand what makes a values-based organisation and how a multinational giant like IKEA lives the values they preach and benefits employees and customers. During the internship, I was involved in a variety of recruitment activities and employee engagement planning and execution, including redesigning job advertisements, organising a large-scale recruitment event for the new store and the monthly employee relations activities. These were valuable opportunities for me to integrate my knowledge learnt from textbooks into the real business world. From my experience, I think what matters the most to succeed in a workplace is your attitude. Be proactive and keen on striving for continuous excellence can gain you not only experience, but also opportunities for you to further develop your skills and knowledge, and eventually realise your potential to the fullest. View more

Michelle Chan

Class of 2018, BCom in Human Resources Management

Having the opportunity to intern as an administrative assistant at Swire Resources Limited, a reputable leading giant in brand management, retail and distribution company in Greater China, thrilled me a lot. With over 250 outlets operating in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, the company offered me first-hand knowledge and exposure to the operation of human resources in a huge conglomerate like Swire. During my internship, I was responsible for handling employment contracts for new joiners, processing personal data and preparing reference letters. Managing a large amount of confidential and personal information requires a detail-oriented attitude and high accuracy level. Through this experience, I believe taking on more relevant internship opportunities is the best way to embark on your career in the human resources industry, as they would form a solid foundation for one to acquire industry knowledge and gain practical work experience at an early stage. View more

Wing Ng

Class of 2019, BBA in Accounting

It has always been my goal to work in the public finance sector. Being selected as one of the very few Finance Interns at the Mandatory Provident Fund Authority (MPFA) excited me a lot. During the internship I was exposed to a range of different assignments such as fund reporting, proofreading of audit reports and data tasks. I learned the importance of acquiring a substantial understanding of the organisation’s established practices and effective communication with colleagues are crucial to getting tasks done efficiently. For those who are keen on joining the public sector at large, my experience to share is that staying on top of current affairs would help a lot because public services in general impact on the mass public and relevant industries to a great extent. View more

Elaine Chan

Class of 2019, BBA in Marketing

Being a big fan of aviation, having the opportunity to work at Hong Kong Airlines was a dream came true for me. As an Internship Trainee in the Human Resources Department, I was responsible for arranging training and staff development programmes for staff. Since Hong Kong Airlines is one of the fastest growing airlines in Asia, this working experience exposed me to a very dynamic environment with first-hand knowledge of the rapidly-changing market landscape of the industry. I think having a good working attitude and interpersonal skills are crucial to developing a career in the aviation sector, just like the customer-service industry at large. My tips on landing on your dream job are to actively take on relevant internship opportunities and building useful contacts in networking events organised by the School, alumni associations or other external organisations. View more

Oscar Chan

Class of 2018, BCom in Accountancy

I interned in the Audit and Assurance Services Division at the Hong Kong office of RSM, as part of the world’s leading RSM global network of independent audit, tax and consulting firms with operations in over 120 countries worldwide. During the internship, I was assigned a wide variety of challenging duties and had the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge I gained from textbooks in combination with those gained from my work experience. For instance, I learned more about functional currency and triggers associated with currency translation risks through conducting inventory tests and performing analytical procedures. As a final note, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Man Ko, Senior Lecturer and Student Internship Coordinator, for his devotion and contribution to the internship programme of the School. View more

Daisy Shang

Class of 2017, BBA in Accounting

I was offered an internship with EY where I handled transfer pricing issues in the International Tax Department. In dealing with financial institutions exclusively, I acquired practical insights into financial industries by scanning through the transaction figures and viewing local tax ruling updates every morning. I also interned at PwC as a trainee in Assurance. There, I worked on the testing and adjustment of financial statements. Attentiveness and assertiveness are essential elements required by companies. It is also good for business students to be keen learners when they enter the job market. View more

Gillian Zhao

Class of 2017, BBA in Accounting

As one of the Big Four accounting firms, Deloitte is undoubtedly the right place for me to broaden my horizon, apply my academic knowledge in the real business world, and build up interpersonal relationships. As a tax intern in Deloitte, my duty covered various aspects from communicating with the Inland Revenue Department to drafting individual tax returns for my clients. Therefore, being careful and professional is required at all times. More importantly, it is essential to always think one step ahead and be ready to go the extra mile. View more

Emmy Zhong

Class of 2017, BBA in Accounting

EY is my dream company. I was impressed with its company culture and business during a company visit. Three years later, I went into the very same building, but this time as a summer intern in People Advisory Services department. My major duty was individual tax dealing, which included 6 processes for one tax return. Besides getting familiar with Hong Kong salaries tax calculation and related regulations and standards, I met friends and colleagues from different universities, as well as patient and helpful supervisors who offered me chances to deal with special cases and important engagements. I worked on over 15 engagements during the 6 weeks. EY does not only want “calculators” or “law books”. The accounting industry is a professional service industry. In my opinion, being a successful accountant requires diligence, communication skills, and most importantly, a mind to serve. I suggest that fellow peers who would like to join the accounting industry participate in more school activities in advance such as firm visits, volunteer work, exchange programs, public speaking events, etc.. In accounting, everything counts. View more

Miriam Fung

Class of 2017, BCom in Accountancy

I worked as a summer intern at Ovolo, which is a stylish boutique hotel located in Hong Kong. I was attracted to this special work environment at Ovolo because there is a unique corporate culture that challenges conventional thinking. During my internship, I was responsible for handling daily accounting work such as bank reconciliation, stock-taking, handling invoices and settling payments. I learnt that patience is the key to becoming successful in the accounting industry especially when we have to deal with a lot of data for long periods of time. Furthermore, I suggest students do more research on the developments of the industry and discover the job requirements and qualities of people that prospective employers look for in order to land their dream jobs. View more

Elvis Chen

Class of 2016, BBA in Marketing

I had the opportunity to take on my first graduate job in the marketing team of Alibaba – one of the world’s most successful “China going global” e-commerce businesses. The team culture, company brand, and marketing promotions all give me exciting and new learning opportunities in my day-to-day work life. Being part of the fastest-growing company across the globe that has an array of C2C, B2B, and B2C sales services on web portals, the most unforgettable experience I have had by far was the brand building exercise and market access of branded products to Hong Kong consumers via effective online and offline marketing promotions on the Tmall platform. Currently I assist a new team with a primary focus on the AlipayHK e-payment service, in which I had the great opportunity to drive market acquisition of this new world-class e-payment service to consumers in Hong Kong. View more

Ice Wang

Class of 2016, MSc in Business Management

I am now a Bond Trader working in the Investment Department of the Bank of Communication (BoCom). As one of the largest note-issuing banks based in China, I am thrilled with the diversified exposure and career path ready for me here. Being part of the bank’s competitive Department Trainee Program, I have had the chance to rotate between both the “buy” and “sell” sides of the industry, which allowed me to gain exposure to a number of different financial products. At BoCom, I have also had the chance to gain practical knowledge about the macroeconomics and monetary policies of various countries. We explore the opportunities and challenges of various industries or companies and, in doing so, develop the know-how of charting suitable investment solutions and hedging strategies. I aspire to become an excellent trader with a high level of sensitivity and resilience to rapid market changes in the financial sector. View more

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