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Li Yishen Class of 2016, MSc in Applied Economics
Accountant, CMEC Comtrans International Co., Ltd.

When I chose to launch my career in CMEC Comtrans International Co., Ltd., I was prepared to embrace the corporate culture of ‘Value Your Trust Globally’ and the business operation as freight forwarders. An incredible amount of preparation is required to become familiar with the corporate environment. As an accountant, being able to work independently and with others in a team is essential. Questions that you need to ask yourself: 1) are you able to effectively carry out the individual tasks of the job?; 2) are you fully aware of your work duties? Some aspects of the job may require you to take up a leadership role while sometimes you need to take up a supportive role. Therefore, different communication styles are tailored accordingly. Even if you have not had much internship experience previously, you can still obtain valuable training when you join various workshops offered on campus and by playing different roles in group projects. Your experience can help you to develop strong interpersonal skills effectively for your future career as well.