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Raymond Pang Class of 2012 , BBA in Human Resources Management
Human Resources Development Officer, MTR Corporation Limited

As a business graduate who majored in Human Resources Management, I focused on choosing a career that is people oriented. While MTR is a large and influential company that connects local communities, it also treasures its employees and is keen on developing their growth. We are therefore connected. I joined as a Human Resources Associate and was granted with various rotation opportunities and exposures to appreciate the Corporation from different angles. All the happy and fruitful rotation experiences were engraved in my MTR career. Upon completion of my trainee programme, I have been working as a Human Resources Development Officer in the Management Training and Development Department. Customer service training, managerial training and mobile learning are the major areas I focus on. Only 4 years of service years, I consider myself as a novice in the Corporation. There is still a long way to go in building a successful career. Being proactive and willing to work as a team player are some crucial qualities that most companies are looking for. Build up and develop your own competitive edge so that you can show how you can benefit and contribute to the company. “Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.” - Marva Collins.