Career Development Opportunities

The Postgraduate Programme Office (PPO) works with the School’s Career Services Section to help business students manage their career development. In addition to the customised industry seminars and corporate visits hosted by the Postgraduate Programme Office, the Career Services Section offers professional career development advice that includes one-on-one career coaching for full-time master’s business students, and organises business skills enhancement workshops and networking events.

Postgraduate Business Students

Career Planning and Advancement Programme

(For full-time taught postgraduate students)

Full-time taught postgraduate students can enrol into our Career Planning and Advancement Programme, a comprehensive and practical programme that will help them kick start their job search.

The Programme is articulated around three main components:


Business Skills Enhancement

This part is structured into various series including:

  • Job Hunting Series

    The Job Hunting Series organise, in addition to the services offered by the Career Centre, activities such as CV writing and critique workshops, mock interview workshops, Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, etc.

  • Professional Development Series

    The Series help students hone a range of essential and practical business skills required across industries, where topics such as presentation skills, business etiquette, and networking skills will be covered in workshops.

  • Industry Discovery Series

    Seasoned industry professionals and business savvy professors are invited to discuss the latest market trends or to give tips on how to enter the job market.

  • Distinguished Speaker Series

    Prominent business leaders and senior government officials come to interact with students for meaningful exchanges.


One-on-One Career Coaching

Students can register for One-On-One Career Coaching sessions to discuss job searching techniques, review your resume and cover letter, and conduct mock interviews throughout their career planning process . Each session lasts 30 minutes. The service is by appointment only.


Work in Hong Kong

All students are strongly advised to read the guidelines carefully before taking up any study/curriculum related interships, summer internships and graduate opportunities in Hong Kong. Click here (Legal and School Guidelines for Talent Acquistion) to understand more.


Search E-Resources

Make good use of the technology and access to online communities where you can find readily available career information such as company background, industry trends, job openings, interview techniques, salary information and much more.

Start planning your career at an early stage. Gear yourself up by researching the target industries and dream companies via the links below.

EFMD Global Career Portal

It is the first global career portal to connect students, schools and companies worldwide. Students will have the possibility to create their own fully customised career portal, based on their educational track and interests. They can enjoy a free trial on psychometric career assessment tools such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, etc.


Online psychometric tests are subscribed for students to assess their current competencies and get themselves familiar with the format of aptitude tests. These tests include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, inductive reasoning, and Assessment Centre exercises. For login details, please email us at

CSS Career Portal

This platform provides a wide range of career related information including job opportunities, latest market trends, salary guides, interview techniques, CV writing tips, etc..