Student Writer


  • CHMIELINSKI Michal Lukasz


    United Kingdom

    I am pursuing a PhD in Information Systems at Hong Kong Baptist University after completing my MSc Business Management. I came to Hong Kong for the first time in 2018, after completing my bachelor's degree in London, where I also participated in a year-long study abroad in New York.

    I chose to continue studying in Hong Kong for my PhD as, during my masters here, I finally understood that becoming an academic researcher is the perfect career for me. HKBU is a small community. Thus I got to know many professors, who helped me understand the ins and outs of an academic career. Besides, I am a curious person, and I've always enjoyed discovering and learning new concepts.

    I don't regret my choice to stay in Hong Kong as it is an extraordinary place, and now that I have lived here for more than a year, I feel like a local. It is not only it's convenient to live in Hong Kong, but mostly this great city offers endless opportunities to enhance career prospects through infinite networking opportunities and events. One of my research interests is in Fintech. Hong Kong is the home of technology, frequently hosting many relevant events. Those chances enabled me to speak to the industry professionals to understand future topics for my research better.

    The key aspect that attracted me to Hong Kong Baptist University in the first place is the impressive triple accreditation for its Business School. Besides, the university is very flexible and wants to help you to succeed, in my PhD studies, I can take any course offered by the business school to enhance my understanding for the future research purposes.

    In my opinion, Hong Kong is an excellent place for a study abroad. I hope that my examples will help you make a decision about choosing this place as your next destination.

  • Ayobami Joshua FATILE

    Ayobami Joshua FATILE

    Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM)
    Introduction and background

    I had lived all my life and had all my education in Nigeria until I came to Hong Kong. I had my first degree in Economics Education (Double Major) and a Master’s Degree in Educational Management. I then proceeded to have a diploma in Human Resource Management from one of the Business Schools in Nigeria. Even with all of these, after working with the business school I got my diploma from, I realized that I still need to have a business major degree and this time not in Nigeria but abroad in order to broaden my skills and knowledge in Business and Human Resource Management.

    Why Hong Kong?

    When I realized my need for a degree in business and Human Resource Management, and I decided to have the degree abroad, I started applying to schools in Canada because of its standard of education and the opportunities for employment. But, I couldn’t get admission. Since my fiancée had been studying in Hong Kong for her PhD, I decided to join her after we got married in 2018. Even when I got to Hong Kong, I was still looking at studying in Canada, but after spending a few months here, I discovered a lot of opportunities that are comparable to that of Canada and I decided to pursue my international education here.

    First of all, I realized that the standard of Hong Kong education is relatively good compared to the Western world. Having one's education here is as good as schooling in one of the Western countries in terms of school rating, staff quality, the quality of research, access to funding and the rate of innovation generated here in Hong Kong meet world standards. The schools here publish in top journals, and provide quality support for any ground-breaking innovative ideas and discoveries and help commercializing those ideas.

    Secondly, Hong Kong is one of the financial hubs of Asia, which in turn attracts many multinational companies from all around the world in diverse sectors. This then means your career prospect is secure in this city. One other major reason why Hong Kong has a lot of foreign companies is because the city is the middle between the western and Eastern world. With the existence of these companies, you can have a prosperous career here in this city.

    Another major point I would like to emphasize is that Hong Kong’s weather is moderate and to a large extent favorable. The weather here is conducive for anybody from any part of the world. It is not too cold nor too hot, so it enables you to have a great time staying here.

    Why HKBU?

    When in search of a programme that can give me the rich insight in business and Human Resource Management, I came across the Taught Master Programme of HKBU. The M.Sc. Business Management programme gave me the exposure, knowledge, skills, and platform to achieve my goals and dream in life. I couldn’t have resisted the offer that this programme is loaded and packaged with. I have access to other courses even at PhD level, but I know that this programme is the one that completely encompasses all that is needed for me to launch my career in Hong Kong and also serve as leverage and a gateway to any part of the world. The programme’s triple accreditation, exchange program, career service, company visit, Capstone project, travelling abroad, just to mention a few make it an irresistible offer to go for as far as I’m concerned.

    I need to mention that HKBU is one of the schools in Hong Kong that emphasizes ‘whole-person education’. This helps you have a balanced growth and development which enables you to live a balanced lifestyle.

    Advice for others
    Looking at achieving career and economic stability, you don’t have to look too far as Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University have these and many more opportunities for you to become all you are meant to be and attain your wildest dreams in life.


  • Kali SMITH

    Kali SMITH

    Master of Science in Applied Economics (MScAEcon)

    I was born and raised in a small town in the rural United States. It was a place that people didn't leave- they were born there, raised there, married there, and they raised their own kids to follow suit. Even my own family had been settled in the same area for several generations. From the earliest I can remember, I knew I wanted to break the cycle.

    I moved out at 16 for boarding school and have spent my time since travelling, educating myself, and seeing the world. During my undergraduate degree, I joined a team that designs, builds, and races solar vehicles on an international stage and left the country for the first time to race across the Australian Outback; ever since then, I haven't been able to satiate my wanderlust.

    When Hong Kong Baptist University was initially recommended to me by a former professor, I remember immediately thinking- "Why not?". Not only was it just about as far as I could travel from home (exactly 12 hours time difference) but it would be completely different from anything I had experienced before. After getting accepted to the MSc in Applied Economics program at Hong Kong Baptist University, I decided to embark on the most exciting year of my life-to-date.

    Hong Kong Baptist University has fulfilled all of my needs for studying my masters by not only having an engaging curriculum but also by entertaining a diverse student body. One of the school's goals is to foster Whole Person Development- "nurturing [students] to become confident, caring leaders who possess integrity, perseverance and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others." The atmosphere at the University truly facilitates and encourages collaboration and learning, and the knowledge I'm gaining outside of the classroom is just as useful as what I'm learning within. I have had the opportunity to connect and learn about China and Hong Kong from my local classmates and to learn about the world through other International students. We go on hikes together, eat together, and teach about our own cultures- and find the bridges that connect them.

    I've not once for a moment, regretted my decision since arriving. Hong Kong is truly unlike anywhere I've been before- the city is alive in every capacity, brimming with excited people and exciting places. The diversity of the landscape offers limitless excursions, and no matter your mood, there is a place in Hong Kong that will satisfy you that is two-hours or less away. To some people, this may sound like any big city but let me assure you- the unique and friendly energy in Hong Kong will keep calling you back time and time again.


  • CHMIELINSKI Michal Lukasz

    CHMIELINSKI Michal Lukasz

    United Kingdom
    Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM)

    Originally, I come from Poland but I completed my bachelor's degree in London, where I also participated in a year-long study abroad in New York. My degree was complemented with internships in corporations like Airbus and Siemens and upon graduation, I worked for a German start-up in Frankfurt. Despite those diverse experiences, I was still unsure what to do next, hence why I decided to continue my education at the masters level.

    I chose to study in Hong Kong for my MSc Business Management as I felt that in my case, moving abroad would have a much greater impact on my personal development and career prospects. From my past experiences, I knew that such a decision to “get out of my comfort zone” provides great life lessons. Living, working and studying abroad develops a wide range of soft skills and helps us to become more adaptable, mature and flexible.

    Hong Kong is a truly special place and now that I live here I really understand why it's often described as “where east meets west”. Here, you can live a typical Asian life, but if you start to miss a little bit of London or New York, it only takes around 15 min journey on the MTR to Central where you will have that western lifestyle back!

    For business master’s students, Hong Kong offers endless opportunities to enhance career prospects as it is a home to many top western and eastern companies. Full-time international students can benefit from Hong Kong’s current immigration policy which enables you to stay here for one additional year after graduation. Essentially you can start your career here, even without the knowledge of the local language as most of the companies conduct their business in English.

    Not to mention entrepreneurship opportunities offered through various government initiatives as well as different accelerators which run in partnership with companies like Alibaba and Lenovo. Purpose-built complexes like Cyberport serve as a perfect place where startups can grow. With different levels of funding provided you can really make your idea a reality! The best thing is, you don't need to be a local to apply, most of schemes accept applications from different nationalities.

    The key aspect that attracted me to Hong Kong Baptist University is the impressive triple accreditation for its Business School. My course offers a range of elective classes from Big Data, Entrepreneurship to a Business field trip to Korea. The abundance of different workshops ranging from employability, mentorship programmes and company visits reflect the level of support offered by the School of Business. No wonder HKBU Business School has recently entered the Top 100 Management League by

    In my opinion, Hong Kong is a great place for a postgraduate study abroad. I hope that the outlined examples of the opportunities here will help you make a decision. But I strongly recommend you to consider this place for your next move!

  • HUANG Xiaoting

    HUANG Xiaoting, April

    The Mainland of China
    Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM)

    Before coming to Hong Kong, I had studied in the United States for my high school diploma and the college degree. I lived in Seattle for four years, and moved to San Diego, California for another six years which was an incredible journey. I made a lot of friends and classmates who would describe me as confident, passionate and outgoing. The experience I had from the past 10 years made me this independent girl who is always willing to try new things, making friends and is always positive about visiting new places.

    So, why Hong Kong?

    First, the diversified culture in Hong Kong. Since joining HKBU I meet people from different countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Poland, and Bangladesh. This enabled me to make friends with people from all over the world without the need to travel anywhere. HK provides me with a platform to taste western and eastern culture, without giving up my social identity.

    First, the diversified culture in Hong Kong. Since joining HKBU I meet people from different countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Poland, and Bangladesh. This enabled me to make friends with people from all over the world without the need to travel anywhere. HK provides me with a platform to taste western and eastern culture, without giving up my social identity.

    Second, it is a convenient place for me to visit my family since my hometown is back in Guangzhou. It takes only a 1h train journey to enjoy my mum's homemade dinner. It's really important to be close to my family since I spent almost half of my life living so far away from them!


    Last but not least, the job opportunities provided in this metropolitan city.


    When choosing my career path and setting future goals I always pursue jobs with companies which have a rich diversification in terms of different nationalities, ethnic minorities & religions. Having spent so much time in the United States I couldn’t imagine myself not working for a multicultural company!

    All of the above is equally important to me when deciding to study in Hong Kong, not to mention all the fun activities, efficient transportation, and delicious Asian food in Hong Kong.

    Why Hong Kong Baptist University?

    I had two different offers to study masters in Hong Kong, but I decided to proceed with HKBU. The content of the course, classes, school activities, ranking, and internship opportunities were all factors that I took into consideration when making my decision.

    What really sets Hong Kong Baptist University apart from others is that the master degree in business management in HKBU offers a field trip to students. I can actually travel to Korea with my classmates and explore another Asian country.

    In addition, an abundance of extra-curricular classes which the school provides to students is unmatched among other universities. The course itself is very well structured: I learn e-commerce, big data collection, and marketing strategies among many other courses.

    The school also provides tons of workshops to prepare you for your career. The advisors provide you feedback on your resume, dress-code, and practice interview skills with you. I am already involved in the career accelerator program for the postgraduate students who are business majors.

    My advice to anyone considering studying masters abroad is to make the most of your time and participate in different workshops and activities. That way you will get more memorable experiences and engage more in local culture.

  • Emma Mariani

    EMMA Mariani

    Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM)

    Since I was a child I’ve always loved travelling and experiencing different cultures, exploring the world outside of my usual comfort zone. This passion and my predisposition to foreign languages contributed to my decision to study Chinese and English language with international relations at University. This path eventually led me to move to Guangzhou, China where I attended a local University for a year to improve my Chinese proficiency.

    I immediately felt at home and I started to explore this incredible culture which is so different from mine but at the same time extremely intriguing. Although initially my plan was to return to Italy in order to pursue my master degree at the end of my period of studying abroad, soon I realized that I wanted to stay and complete my postgraduate education here.

    During the time I spent in mainland China I had the opportunity to visit Hong Kong on several occasions, and I felt immediately attracted to this incredible city. HK’s international environment with people from every part of the globe makes this place a melting pot of cultures. This unique mixture of West and East makes it a perfect place for western expats who are willing to study and work in Asia. Moreover, I decided to study here in Hong Kong because of two factors of big relevance to me: first, it allows me to have a very high quality of education and secondly remaining in Asia, which is the part of the world where I would like to start and build my career and life.

    When it came to choosing the field of study for my master degree, I decided to give my education a different direction by undertaking a master's degree in disciplines which are different to my undergraduate studies. I hope that this strategic move will allow me to expand my career choices and improve my chances for a successful life in the future. Once I decided that I wanted to study business management, I started to research the perfect university to attend: I was immediately attracted to Hong Kong Baptist University, in particular to its MScBM program as it offers a complete overview of many key subjects that are absolutely essential for a successful career in a business environment. I must say that all my expectations of the MScBM have been met and even exceeded due to excellent teaching methods and relevant content taught.

    What I did not expect, however, is the huge number of opportunities that the university offers: from workshops with industry professionals, recruitment talks with a range of corporations to entrepreneurship training. Not to mention all the extracurricular activities such as the possibility of joining different clubs or sports teams, and many activities such as races, dinners with international students, networking events, festivals etc.

    Choosing Hong Kong Baptist University for my masters abroad was a great choice, introducing me to a reality that I would not have otherwise had access to. I am growing as a person, getting to know a diverse bunch of people and enhancing my career at the same time.

    Hong Kong is definitely the place to be: it's an exciting city in the heart of Asia where everything is moving fast and forward, and living here means being an active part of this process! I think HKBU is the ideal place to start your life here, as the university celebrates diversity in all its forms and is an excellent education provider.

  • KALAM Abul

    KALAM Abul

    Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM)

    rior to my journey to Hong Kong, I worked in the education industry in Bangladesh as a faculty member. My colleagues, friends, and students describe me as being loving, respectful and caring. To validate my existing Bangladesh-based qualification I decided to further my studies abroad as its highly regarded in my home country and recognised as much more valuable. I moved not too far away to study abroad with the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) to gain an MSc. in Business Management.

    Why Hong Kong

    I decided to study in Hong Kong because it is the best producer of quality education in the world. Observing the university ranking and education facilities, it is well proved that they are the leaders of this industry in the world. HK is the centre of Asia and one of the free trade zone in the world. It is an amazing place for the tourists as well as businesses. Internationals find that Hong Kong suits their way of life. Finally, it is the centre of excellence for education and culture. Hong Kong feels like another European country in Asia when considering the quality of education and its environment.

    Why Hong Kong Baptist University

    The School of Business of HKBU is accredited by the three leading international accreditation bodies and therefore is well-positioned among the elite 1% of business schools in the world. In addition, the school has entered a world top 100 ranking for its Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM) programme in the Financial Times Masters in Management (MiM) list for 2018. The MScBM programme is the first masters in Hong Kong to make it into the MiM ranking. Its position is within the top 400 in the world university ranking and top 50 universities in Asia.

    The School of Business does not compromise on the quality of education. Faculty members have the depth of knowledge in their particular subjects. The current cohort has shown how strict admissions are, across the class every classmate is very well mannered and displays great teamwork skills.

    The course curriculum is very updated to reflect today's world and the requirements of the job market. The extra curriculum supports the quality of education of this school and is the reinforcement of knowledge. Lastly, they produce a suitable and competent graduate for the corporation as well as for mankind.