Admission Requirement

Academic Qualification

a. Holders of a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized tertiary institution; or

b. Holders of a qualification deemed to be equivalent.

*Initial selection will be judged on the basis of results in official academic transcripts, proof of English proficiency and relevant supporting documents. 

Note for Applicants:
  • Applicants bear the responsibility to confirm with HKICPA that their bachelor’s degrees are recognized in meeting the student registration requirements of the HKICPA QP.

  • Expecting bachelor’s degree holders who will acquire the requisite academic qualification before the programme commencement may also apply for admission.

  • Both business and non-business degree holders must satisfy the pre-core programme requirements prior to their completion of the MAcc programme. The pre-core programme includes courses on accounting, economics, information systems, intermediate accounting, management, marketing for accountants and statistics. Applicants should have demonstrated in their official academic transcripts that they possess fundamental knowledge in these areas. Students may also satisfy the pre-core programme requirements by taking equivalent courses in other recognized programmes. Applicants with deficiencies in any of these courses must take, at their extra cost, the prescribed pre-core programme courses (which are no unit courses with pass/fail option) to satisfy the competency requirements of the HKICPA QP. The offering of pre-core programme courses by the Department is subject to the demand of admission.


Language Proficiency Requirement

Proof of English proficiency is required for applicants whose bachelor's degree are obtained from non-English medium institutions. These applicants must meet the following minimum requirements for English proficiency:

  1. a minimum IELTS overall band score of 6.5; or

  2. TOEFL score of 79 (internet-based); or


Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee

Tuition fees are subject to annual review.

  • For full-time mode students, tuition fee will be paid in 3 installments

  • For part-time mode students, tuition fee will be paid in 6 installments

# plus HK$5,000/ each required pre-core programme course.





Application Fee

  • HK$450 (Non-refundable)


Student Visa

Students from overseas and Mainland China need a visa to study in Hong Kong. Please note the following:

Student Visa
  • Visa applications should be made at least two months before programme commencement.

  • Students from Mainland China should submit their visa applications through the University. Detailed information will be given once admission is offered.

  • Students from other countries should enquire at their local Chinese Embassy or write to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

  • Students who need help to find a visa sponsor should contact the Graduate School for assistance.

For more details, visit the Graduate School or HKSAR Immigration Department website.