Scholarships & Awards

International Postgraduate Scholarship

MAcc Course Scholarship

The scholarship is designed to recognize outstanding academic performance among students. The scholarship will be awarded to two students who have achieved the highest and second-highest overall marks in each core and elective course with an overall course grade of 'A'. Additionally, a certificate of recognition will be presented to each recipient, honoring their remarkable accomplishments.

Outstanding Academic Performance Award

The scholarship is designed to acknowledge and reward exceptional academic performance among students. The award will be granted to the top three students who have achieved a cumulative GPA (cGPA) of 3.67 or above upon graduation. Each recipient will receive a cash award of HK$10,000, along with a certificate of recognition, in honor of their remarkable achievements.

MAcc Entrance Scholarships

The scholarship is designed to attract and support outstanding students to join the program. The selection of scholarship recipients will be based on their academic merit and the ranking of their graduate university. Other academic accomplishments will also be taken into consideration during the evaluation process. Additionally, a successful performance in the interview is a requirement. Upon acceptance into the program, scholarship recipients will receive a cash scholarship along with a certificate of recognition as a token of their achievement. The nominated student will receive a maximum scholarship amount of HKD $100,000.

MAcc Diversity Contribution Scholarship

The scholarship is designed to cultivate an inclusive learning environment that values and appreciates diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, thereby enriching the educational journey for all students. The Scholarship will be awarded to students who have study and working experiences that can contribute to the programme’s diversity, demonstrate a commitment to inspire, empower, and impact the community. Additionally, applicants must exhibit excellence and leadership in non-academic activities and showcase strong performance in the interview process. The nominated student will receive a maximum of cash award of up to full tuition coverage.

International Postgraduate Scholarships

The Scholarship is exclusively available to the international applicants with nationality outside of Greater China. Applicants are required to meet all admission requirements, demonstrate competitive academic performance and/or professional experience and be willing to serve the School in its internationalization and student related projects for not more than 5 hours per week during the period of study. The nominated applicants will receive a maximum of cash award of up to full tuition coverage plus HK$100,000 living allowance.

Overseas Experiences: Sponsorship Scheme

The sponsorship will be provided to the students who have participated in an overseas summer programme organized by the School Global Engagement Section. Applicants must have cGPA of 3.0 or above and demonstrate strong performance during the interview process. The sponsorship amount will be determined as the lower value between two options: (i) two-thirds of the total expense incurred by the student, including exchange programme fees, travelling expenses and accommodation costs, or (ii) HKD $30,000 for North America and Europe, and HKD $15,000 for Asia countries.