Scholarships & Awards

International Postgraduate Scholarship

International Postgraduate Scholarship

The International Postgraduate Scholarship (IPS) scheme at the HKBU School of Business is a global initiative designed to nurture future business leaders, bringing together highly-talented and intellectually-motivated students from around the world to one of our selected taught postgraduate programmes. Although these young achievers come from diverse backgrounds, they have all demonstrated leadership potential and have a common interest in making a difference in the world.

MScBM Diversity Contribution Scholarship

MAcc Diversity Contribution Scholarships

This scholarship is attributed to new entrants who can enhance the diversity of the programme based on criteria like their international exposure, cultural experiences, overseas education, work experience, special achievement and talents.

MAcc Entrance Scholarships

MAcc Entrance Scholarships offer students with distinguishing qualifications and/or academic backgrounds from a high world-ranking university in his/her undergraduate studies and achieving satisfactory academic results in HKBU MAcc programme.

Outstanding Academic Performance Awards

MAcc students who have obtained the highest cGPA and attained a cumulative GPA of 3.67 to 4.0 at graduation will be nominated for an award and certificate.

Other Scholarships, Awards and Sponsorships

  • Course Scholarships to students with outstanding academic performance in the course.
  • Competition Winning Awards to students who have won the competition or have been awarded a cash prize by the professional accounting/business organizations or bodies.
  • Professional Education Awards for part-time students.
  • MAcc Pre-core Course Scholarships for part-time students.
  • Professional Accounting Examination Awards for part-time students.
  • Sponsorships for overseas study tour.
  • Sponsorships for overseas summer exchange programmes.