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HKBU School of Business welcomes students from across the world

13 Sep, 2019
img The School of Business has recruited new international students from 26 countries and regions to join the diverse School community of over 100 overseas students.

Prof. Ed Snape, Dean of the School of Business, welcomed the students and encouraged them to make the most of the study and personal development opportunities available at HKBU. “From Sri Lanka and Tajikistan in Asia, Mauritius and Ghana in Africa, to Canada and El Salvador in North and South America, and Austria and Finland in Europe, this diverse student body enriches the multicultural learning experience for our local and international students alike.”

Prof. Gerard Prendergast, Associate Dean (Internationalisation) of the School of Business, also advised students to live their study-abroad life to the fullest by getting out of the classroom and making connections with the local community.