Student / Alumni Sharing

Student / Alumni Sharing

Lim Yen Ni

Malaysia, 2019

Apart from gaining knowledge that is necessary to be prepared for the challenging working environment, the best thing about a university life is to know friends who will always be there to celebrate your success or accompany you to pass through unexpected bumps in your life. I am such a lucky girl to gain both knowledge and friendships throughout the study year of the master programme. Thanks HKBU! View more

Chauvin Louis Robert Marcel Jin

France, 2018

If you are looking for a fast-track yet comprehensive conversion programme taught by top- notch professors, with opportunities to connect with key figures in the accounting and finance industries of Hong Kong, then the Master of Accountancy programme of HKBU will definitely offer these. I have wonderful memories of studying in this programme as I found the study atmosphere to be very pleasant as well as my classmates to be smart and talented. With no early background in accounting, I was able to learn the fundamentals as well as advanced quantitative concepts in the span of a year, which led me to obtain a graduate offer from KPMG in Hong Kong. The next one can be you! View more

Wu Dan

Mainland China, 2018

Studying in MACC is definitely a life changing experience. It is a good starting point of being an accounting professional. There are lots of experienced teachers, who will not only teach you in-depth knowledge, but also give advices to your future career development. They really care about you. The courses, including many workshop and case study, are very practical and useful. Besides, you will meet excellent classmates, and enjoy a number of benefits provided by MACC." After completion of the programme, I am very honor to get the job offer as Tax Associate in Tencent. View more

Gary Chan

Hong Kong, 2018

I am thankful for joining the Master of Accountancy programme at HKBU as it perfectly built on my prior knowledge and gave me refreshing and inspiring academic and practical insights. This programme allows me to master core accounting concepts by applying them to contemporary business problems. It also grants me the valuable opportunity to earn the internationally recognized qualifications such as CPA Australia upon graduation. In a nutshell, the academic enrichment, facilitated by the supportive professors and programme officers, the intellectual exchange among classmates from diversified backgrounds, and friendships made along the way, have made my experience here truly enjoyable and rewarding. View more

Nataliya Shokurova

Russia, 2018

I’ll never forget the unique experience I had while studying Master of Accountancy program in HKBU. While it was not easy to keep up with intensive program, interacting and working together with other students, as well as attention of professors, helped me to study well. I was very lucky to meet and to learn together with young talented people from various backgrounds, what allowed me to gain valuable experience and make friends. And that was fun! HKBU’s MAcc program gave me a comprehension of contemporary accounting practices in Hong Kong and provided with a solid knowledge base for the public exams preparation. I am very honored to be admitted as a full member of the ACCA in March 2020. View more

Shohimsulton Dodkhudoeva

Republic of Tajikistan, 2017

Master of Accountancy at HKBU aims to give students a thorough understanding of strategic accounting in a global context. The programme is ideal for students with different backgrounds other than accounting. The programme provides many opportunities to be involved in professional networks that was really helpful for the students to be connected with the job market. View more

Ho Hoi Pok

Hong Kong, 2016

MAcc is structured in a way that students are able to absorb accounting information quickly over the course of one year. It didn’t only cover the basics of accountancy. it also covers advanced financial reporting, advanced taxation and all assurance issues, which have well prepared students to tackle real life issues in their future career. Right now, I am a Hong Kong Certified Public Accountant and a Senior Associate (Transaction Services) at PwC. View more

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