Programme Structure

The programme requires the completion of 7 core courses and 5 elective courses. In addition, all participants must satisfy the Pre-core programme requirements.

Core Courses
Course Code Title 21 Units
ACCT 7860 Accounting Theory 3
ACCT 7610 Advanced Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 7620 Auditing 3
ACCT 7630 Business and Company Law 3
ACCT 7640 Cost and Management Accounting 3
ACCT 7650 Financial Management 3
ACCT 7660 Taxation 3

Elective Courses (Choose any five courses from the following)

Course Code Course Title

15 Units

ACCT 7510 Advanced Financial Reporting 3
ACCT 7520 Advanced Taxation 3
ACCT 7530 Contemporary Issues in Business Assurance 3
ACCT 7850 Contemporary Strategic Management Accounting Issues 3
ACCT 7540 Corporate Financing 3
ACCT 7550 Integrated Project^ 3
ACCT 7760 International Taxation 3
ACCT 7810 Securities Regulation 3


^The course ACCT7550 Integrated Project is designed only for students who have obtained appropriate training on research (proof is needed) and would like to take an individual graduation project concentrating on intergrative application of accounting knowledge if approval in advance is granted by MAcc Programme Office.

Note: The MAcc Programme Office reserves the right to offer or not to offer any of the elective courses.

Pre-core Courses
Course Code Title
P.C. 7001 Accounting
P.C. 7002 Economics
P.C. 7003 Information Systems
P.C. 7007 Intermediate Accounting
P.C. 7004 Management
P.C. 7006 Marketing for Accountants
P.C. 7005 Statistics

Students with deficiencies in any of the pre-core courses must take, at their extra cost, the prescribed pre-core courses to satisfy the competency requirements for admission to the HKICPA QP.