Professional Development Seminars

To enhance the knowledge and skills of HR professionals about current practices in the workplace, seminars are organised for the alumni and current participants.


30 Sep 2020

CIPD Onboarding

Speaker: Ms. Cindy Chow, Chief Executive, ChickenSoup Foundation

Ms Cindy Chow

23 Sep 2020

Eco-healthy Practices for Individuals and Institutions

Speakers: Dr William Yu, CEO, World Green Organisation

Dr William Yu

18 Sep 2020

CIPD Onboarding

Speaker: Ms. May Leng Kwok, Regional Head, (Assoc CIPD)

Ms May Leng Kwok

11 Sep 2020

Management Trainee Programmes

Speakers: Ms. Carmen Lau, Group Head of Talent Acquisition, Jardine Matheson

Ms Carmen Lau

2 Sep 2020

Selection Tests

Speaker: Ms. Kathleen Yu, Head of Assessment, Jardine Matheson

Ms Kathleen Yu

28 Aug 2020

Online Job Interview Tips

Speaker: Mr. James Linacre, Recruitment Consultant, Faro Recruitment Hong Kong

Mr James Linacre

26 Aug 2020

Seeking Development Opportunities

Speaker: Ms. Janet Man, (former) General Manager of Talent Management, Jardine Matheson

Ms Janet Man

11 Jan 2019

Diversity Employment - Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

Speaker: Ms. Rashmi Kunzru, Counsellor

Ms Rashmi Kunzru

9 Jan 2019

High stakes Leadership – Experience Sharing of Public Services Delivery

Speaker: Dr. Lo Siu-hang, Shane, USFA Executive Fire Officer

Dr. Lo Siu-hang, Shane

22 Oct 2018

促進僱員財務健康 提升員工投入度
Improve Employee Engagement by Addressing Their Financial Wellness

Speaker: 劉詠琴女士 (Ms. Vicky Lau), 投資者教育中心教育計劃及統籌經理

Ms. Vicky Lau

13 Apr 2018

Empathetic Communication: Observing and Responding

Speaker: 周秀蘭女士 (Ms. Sharon Chau), 資深輔導員及培訓導師

Ms. Sharon Chau

25 Jan 2018

The Changing Contours of Fairness: Can We Match Individual and Organisational Perspectives?

Speaker: Dr. Wilson Wong, Head of Insight & Futures, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

Dr. Wilson Wong

18 Jan 2018

海爾轉型 :人人都是CEO
Haier Transformation: Everyone can be CEO

Speaker: 曹仰鋒博士(Dr. Cao Yang Feng), 香港創業創新研究院研究員、北京大學光華管理學院管理實踐教授

Dr. Cao Yang Feng

9 Jan 2018

HR Learning Day

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Wayne Cascio, Distinguished Professor of University of Colorado

Prof. Wayne Cascio

25 Nov 2017

Understanding and Managing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Speaker: 林卓姿女士 (Ms Cynthia Lam) 平等機會委員會高級訓練主任

Ms Cynthia Lam

1 Jun 2017

Using HR data to create value

Speaker: Dr. Jamie Cheung, Senior Lecturer and Programme Director of Master of Human Resources Management, Department of Management, School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Jamie Cheung

28 Mar 2017

Empathetic Communication - Listening

Speaker: 周秀蘭女士 (Ms. Sharon Chau), 資深輔導員及培訓導師

Ms. Sharon Chau

28 Sep 2016

Seminar Employee Wellness: The Way to Go

Speaker: Dr. Tracy Hui, Lecturer and Director of Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in HRM programme Department of Management, School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University

30 Apr 2016

Making Your HR Data Ready for Use: An Introduction to Data Management

Speaker: Dr. Sally Law, Lecturer Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University

30 May 2015

Ultimate Strategies on Building Healthy Organisations

Speaker: Ms. Justine Chim, Founder & Principal Consultant, Chim's Ergonomics and Safety Ltd

8 Nov 2014

Service Leadership: Going Green in the Office

Speaker: Dr William Yu, CEO, World Green Organisation

18 Oct 2014

Major Provisions and Case Studies on Contract Termination under the Employment Ordinance

Speaker: Mr KK Ma, Head, and Mr Kelvin Chan, Manager of Workplace Consultation Promotion Division, Labour Department

2 Aug 2014

Handling Workplace Discrimination Complaints

Speaker: Ms Cynthia Lam, Senior Training Officer, Equal Opportunities Commission