Director's Message

Recognising the human resource as one of the important sources of strategic competitive advantage for corporate sustainability, corporations are striving to nurture and manage their human resources more effectively. As a pioneering institution offering postgraduate programmes in human resources management (HRM), Hong Kong Baptist University is known for her commitment to providing high-quality HRM education in Hong Kong and Asia. This Master of Human Resources Management (MHRM) programme shows our continuous commitment to nurturing future HRM professionals and to advancing the competence of current HR practitioners.

The MHRM programme is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation of human resources knowledge and associated skill-sets as well as an enhanced sensitivity towards HR issues and challenges. The dual emphasis on theory and practice is the key to putting theories to work in the real world. Our teaching team includes both full-time academic faculty members of the Department of Management and visiting professors who publish and consult extensively in the HRM field. I believe their breadth of knowledge and experience, and their commitment to teaching, will provide a rewarding learning experience for our participants.

Dr. Jamie Cheung
MHRM Programme Director
Senior Lecturer
Associate Head, Department of Management