This programme empowers graduates with essential HR knowledge, skills, and competencies to facilitate excellence in managing and developing talent.  With a dual emphasis on theory and practice, this programme is designed for aspiring young graduates, practicing HR professionals, and line managers who seek an advanced education in HRM.

On completion of the programme, graduates are able to possess:

1. People-management competencies: Graduates of the programme will have the necessary HR knowledge, skills, and competencies to successfully carry out operational HR functions that translate HR policies and procedures into positive HR outcomes.

2. Evaluation and advisory competencies: Graduates of the programme will have the ability to evaluate and develop people-management programmes and processes, based on a sound knowledge of the principles of employee motivation and engagement, and an awareness of the importance of the organisational and cultural context and of ethical principles.

3. Personal and professional development: Graduates of the programme will be effective communicators and analytical and critical thinkers, who will appreciate the importance of life-long learning and continuing professional development.

International Recognition for HR professionals

This programme is mapped to the CIPD Advanced Certificate in Human Resources. As the CIPD Approved Centre, MHRM students who register as CIPD student members are eligible to achieve the CIPD Level 7 Advanced Certificate in Human Resources qualification and apply for the CIPD Associate membership after graduation.

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