International Postgraduate Scholarship

International Postgraduate Scholarships

To enhance internationalization and provide students with a global educational experience, the International Postgraduate Scholarship is offered to outstanding international students. Scholarship recipients will get full tuition waiver plus HK$100,000 living allowance (approx. US$12,820). Eligible international applicants will be automatically considered for the scholarship based on their all-round record and interview performance. For details of the scholarship scheme, please click here

Diversity Contribution Scholarships

We believe that diversity inspires new thinking, fosters greater understanding and enriches the learning experience. The Diversity Contribution Scholarship is attributed to new entrants who can enhance the diversity of the programme. Applicants are assessed on a broad range of criteria, including international exposure, cultural experiences, overseas education, work experience, special achievement and talents. The scholarship amount ranges from half tuition waiver to full tuition waiver.

Entrance Scholarships / Young Talent Scholarships (for full-time applicants only)

These Scholarships, range from HK$20,000 to HK$80,000, will be provided to students with outstanding academic backgrounds and public examination results. Applicants will be considered for the scholarships automatically. For the Entrance Scholarship, applicants who submit completed applications before the deadline of the first round admission will be considered.

Excellence Academic Performance Award

Student(s) who obtain the highest cGPA in the class will be awarded at the time of graduation.