Enrichment Activities

Apart from the curriculum, a series of student support service is tailor-made to enrich students’ learning experiences as well as assist in their career development.

·      Executive Development Seminars
·      Career Events and Workshops
·      Study Tour / Corporate Visit
·      Alumni Networking

Executive Development Seminars

Prominent business leaders, remarkable scholars, and outstanding alumni are invited to share their practical and valuable experiences with the students. The seminar topics cover the economic, corporate governance, industry challenges or management skills both locally and globally.

Seminars Schedule
Speaker: 李文才先生 Mr. Vincent M.C. Li
24 May 2019
Speaker: 陳文鴻教授 Professor Thomas M.H. Chan
珠海學院一帶一路研究所 所長
20 May 2019
國際監管動態: 國際反洗錢及反恐怖份子資金籌集趨勢介紹
Speaker: 馮敦孝博士 Dr. D.H. Fung
20 May 2019 &
16 Apr 2018
Speaker: 何承曉博士 Dr. Leo Ho  
20 Apr 2018
Speaker: 楊意堅博士 Dr. Angus Young 
16 Apr 2018
Speaker: 馮敦孝博士 Dr. D.H. Fung
4 Jul 2016 &
3 Nov 2014
Speaker: 杜绍麟先生 Mr S.L. To
4 Jul 2016 &
3 Nov 2014
Speaker: 彭泓基博士 Dr. H.K. Pang H.K  
8 Jul 2016,
12 May & 7 Nov 2014
Speaker: 何承曉博士 Dr. Horace Ho  
16 May 2014
Speaker: 周八駿博士 Dr. P.C. Chow  
12 May 2014

Career Events and Workshops

Throughout the academic year, career-related workshops are scheduled to address the career development challenges and the job search needs of the students. Business Skills Enhancement and Career Training Programme, Career Starting and Career Development Series, English Enhancement Programme and Toastmasters Club are specially designed to hone students' career skills.

Seminars / Workshops Schedule
Introduction of Digital Inclusive Finance
Speaker: Dr. Lijian Wei / Associate Professor and the Director of Big Data Center at Business School of Sun Yat-sen University
13 June 2020
Business Valuation in Practice
Speaker: Mr. Duncan Wong / Manager of Business Valuation & Transaction Advisory, Greater China Appraisal Limited
11 June 2020
Family Trust in China: Development and Perspectives
Speaker: Dr. Danping Mao / Dean, Shenzhen IPFP Wealth Management Institute
18 January 2020
Career Workshop - the Perspective of HR Manager
Speaker: Ms. Annie Lam / Career Advisor
16 January 2020
CIMA Industry Talk - the Journey of Becoming Finance Director
Speaker: Mr. Guru Balasubramaniam / Finance Director at Rentokil Initial for HK, Macau, Korea & Vietnam; & CIMA Representative
6 November 2019
Professional training workshop from Bloomberg 23 October 2019
Career Development and Preparation in Accounting/Finance Industry
Speaker: Dr. Man Ko
10 October 2019
The Application of Blockchain in Accounting and Finance Industries
Speaker: Professor Pulak Ghosh / Chair of Excellence, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
15 June 2019
Investment Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions: Industry Practice
Speaker: Dr. Linsheng Wu / Assistant Vice President, Huatai Financial Holdings
28 May 2019
Understanding and Managing Corporate Fraud Risks
Speaker: Mr. Vincent M.C. Li / Partner, ShineWing Certified Public Accountants LLP
11 May 2019
Introduction and profession exemptions of CPA Australia
Speaker: Ms. Allison Zhu / Senior Business Development Manager, CPA Australia
8 Apr 2019
ICAC Talk on Corporate Governance: Compliance and Beyond
Speaker: Ms. Katherine Ma / HK Business Ethics Development Centre, ICAC
9 Mar 2019
Quantitative Investment in China: Trading Strategy and Products
Speaker: Mr. Weiliang Luo / Chief Executive Engineer, Shenzhen Songzhen Technology Ltd.
2 Mar 2019
Finance Industry: An International Perspective
Speaker: Mr. Andreas Neuber / Chairman of the Board of Directors, UBS China Ltd.
29 Oct 2018
Professional training workshop from Bloomberg 16 Oct & 6 Nov (Re-run), 2018
Career Workshop: Stepping into Finance Industry
Speaker: Mr. Zhang Xiaoyu / Amplify Trading
13 Sep 2018

Study Tour / Corporate Visit

Study tour and corporate visits are organised regularly for students to foster a closer link with the business communities.

Study Tour / Corporate Visit Schedule
Visit the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Information Centre (HKMA) 24 May 2019
Hong Kong Visit Programme for Beijing class 2017-18 Intake 20-24 May 2019
Visit the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) 20 Apr 2018 &
16 May 2014
Hong Kong Visit Programme for Beijing class 2016-17 Intake 16-20 Apr 2018
Hong Kong Visit Programme for Beijing class 2014-15 Intake 4-8 Jul 2016
Visit Hong Kong Exchange (HKEx) 11 May 2016
Hong Kong Visit Programme for Beijing class 2013-14 Intake 6-10 Jul 2015
Hong Kong Visit Programme for Beijing class 2012-13 Intake Class C 3-7 Nov 2014
Hong Kong Visit Programme for Beijing class 2012-13 Intake Class A 12-16 May 2014
Visit the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) 16 May & 7 Nov 2014

Alumni Networking

In close collaborations with various alumni associations, a wide array of activities are organised to equip students with the practical knowledge, skills and connections required by the real-world business for building successful careers. For event details, please visit here.