Is there an admission interview?

First round of selection will mostly based on the information submitted to the application portal. Shortlisted applicants might be invited to attend interview by the admission office. Interview will be arranged via online teleconference tool such as Zoom. Candidates with incomplete application documents (e.g. minimum admission requirement not met, passport / identity document missing, reference missing, etc.) will usually be put in the pending list without arranging interview.

Can I take the online versions of IELTS or TOEFL?

Minimum English proficiency of MScEGM can be viewed in Admission Requirements. We do not accept any English test taken outside an official test centre. All such tests (such as DuolingoTOEFL home editionIELTS indicator, etc.) are NOT ACCEPTED. In case official versions of IELTS Academic or TOEFL iBT are currently unavailable at your city/country (for example, due to Covid-19 lock down), submitting score of an online test might act as a reference. However, please take notes: (1) such online test score will be useful ONLY IF you get a really high score; and (2) you will still need to obtain a passing grade in your next proper test in an official exam centre, before a full offer can be issued.

What should I do after getting admission offer?

After getting an admission offer, you should follow instructions according to the offer letter from HKBU Graduate School to accept offer within 10 days. Then, you should prepare to meet offer conditions, and to submit registration and visa application documents during July-August 2023. You are supposed to arrive Hong Kong for face-to-face class by early-January 2024. Please arrange travel plans to come to Hong Kong at around end-December 2023. When you are planning your travel schedule to Hong Kong, pay attention to inbound travel policies and accommodation guides.

How can I pay the tuition fee if I'm not in Hong Kong?

Tuition fee can be paid via various methods. Please click here for instructions from the Graduate School.

What is the estimated cost of living in Hong Kong?

It costs around HKD8,000-11,000 (approximately USD 1,000-1,400) per month to live in Hong Kong including the rental of a shared flat (HKD5,000-7,000), basic food (HKD2,000-3,000) and public transportation (HKD1,000).

When and how do I apply for Hong Kong student visa?

After offer acceptance, the Graduate School of HKBU will email to all MScEGM students about Hong Kong student visa application. The application will be centralized and processed through HKBU (visa application fee HKD600). Students need not apply for visa on their own, but students from China need to arrange with their local authorities for permit/endorsement to come to Hong Kong (usually one permit plus one endorsement).

When does MScEGM study period start?

All MScEGM students start their study in January (Sem 2) each year. We do NOT have any intake for the September semester (Sem 1). In your offer letter, the start date should state "2nd Semester, 2023/24". This means your study will begin in January 2024. Please arrange travel plans to come to Hong Kong at around end-December 2023.

Do I need to travel to Hong Kong and France for the study?

This is a 15-month full time programme, with a study period from January 2024 to March 2025. You must study in Hong Kong for January-May semester. In January 2024, you can apply for the double degree pathway to study in France for September-December semester. Students who opt to get a single degree can study solely in Hong Kong.

Will classes be held face-to-face?

MScEGM curriculum is designed to be conducted full-time with face-to-face teaching mode. If there is any change in teaching mode due to Covid-19, notice will be announced on the Bulletin Board for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19).

Where shall I do the dissertation?

Dissertation is the final project of this programme. Students can either choose to pursue a “startup business project” or an “academic dissertation” for their disseration period. Students may form a group of no more than three to work on a startup business project or an academic dissertation. A supervisor will be assigned either from Hong Kong Baptist University or Grenoble École de Management to supervise the research/project. Students can communicate with their respective supervisor either in person, or through internet via email, skype, zoom, etc. So, you can choose to conduct research for your project/dissertation at a location that fit your research/market interest. If your project/research is not geographically bounded, you are recommended to stay in Hong Kong during dissertation period for effective communication with your supervisor.

How many graduation diploma will I get upon completion of the programme?

For students who opt for single degree, one diploma will be issued with HKBU as the awarding institution. For students who opt for double degree, if approved, two diplomas will be issued, with HKBU and GEM as the awarding institution respectively.

May I know admission/registration timeline of the Jan 2023 intake (Academic Year 2022-2023)?

Application for Jan 2023 intake is now closed. Admitted students please follow this timeline for registration:
(1) double check with your alma mater and ensure that your Bachelor's degree can be completed by Aug 2022;
(2) prepare visa documents and accommodation during Apr-Jun 2022;
(3) send all official documents (official transcript / diploma / graduation proof) to Graduate School by July 2022. Students who are unable to provide documents by July 2022 must write to Graduate School to apply for extension;
(4) deadline of applying for deferral to next intake: 15 July 2022;
(5) receive your student visa during Nov-Dec 2022;
(6) for students from mainland China, arrange your permit/endorsement from your local authorities by Dec 2022; 
(7) travel to Hong Kong by end-Dec 2022;
(8) activate your HKBU accounts by end-Dec 2022; and
(9) start your EGM study in Jan 2023.

May I know admission/registration timeline of the coming intake in Jan 2024 (Academic Year 2023-2024)?

The application period is from October 2022 to June 2023. Admission will be closed once admission quota is filled. Interested candidates are recommended to follow this timeline:
(1) sit recognized English tests during summer/fall in 2022;
(2) double check with your alma mater and ensure that your Bachelor's degree can be completed by Aug 2023;
(3) submit your application by Mar 2023;
(4) prepare to attend online interview (via Zoom) during Feb-April 2023;
(5) pay deposit during Feb-May 2023;
(6) prepare visa documents and accommodation during Apr-Jun 2023;
(7) send all official documents (official transcript / diploma / graduation proof) to Graduate School by July 2023;
(8) receive your student visa during Nov-Dec 2023;
(9) for students from mainland China, arrange your permit/endorsement from your local authorities by Dec 2023; 
(10) travel to Hong Kong by end-Dec 2023;
(11) activate your HKBU accounts by end-Dec 2023; and
(12) start your EGM study in Jan 2024.