Student Activities

Company Visit to Social Enterprises in Hong Kong

Company Visit to Social Enterprises in Hong Kong

Professor Howard Ling led MScEGM class to visit many social enterprises in Hong Kong. Photo above showed a visit to BIJAS Vegetarian in 28 February 2023. Students explored the knowledge of creating and running a social enterprise that caters to both market needs and social responsibilities.

Company Visit to Tarmac, Meylan

Company Visit in France

During the induction week of their Grenoble study period, students visited Tarmac on 10 September 2021. Tarmac is a start-up incubator by Inovallée, dedicated to support the durability and growth of innovative companies. Students took the opportunity to understand the entrepreneurial environment in France.

Company Visit to Harbour City, Hong Kong

Company Visit to Harbour City, Hong Kong

It was a pleasure for MScEGM students, together with other MSc students in HKBU, to visit Harbour City, one of the largest shopping malls in Hong Kong on 13 March 2019. Students received a guest lecture to understand their local and global marketing strategies covering marketing segmentation, public relations campaigns, services marketing, as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the retail environment.

Seed Funding Support for Start-Ups Projects

MScEGM Students in Grenoble, France

The first cohort of MScEGM students kick-started their entrepreneurship and global marketing learning journey in Grenoble, a vibrant city which was ranked in 2016 the 1st best place to study in France by L’Etudiant. Students gained eye-opening experiences in interacting with entrepreneurial academics and practitioners and expanding their network with friends from multicultural backgrounds.

Social Enterprise Fund

MScEGM Welcome Dinner

Upon spending the first semester in Grenoble, France, the MScEGM students began their Hong Kong Baptist University journey in the second semester. A Welcome Dinner for the first cohort was hosted on 22 January 2019. Students had the opportunity to network with senior executives from Alipay, German Pool, Chanel, Tibet Water, Lee Kum Kee, etc.