Scholarship and Awards

MSc Global Marketing Management Programmes offers a number of scholarships to honour our outstanding academic merit and attracting high calibre students with outstanding academic backgrounds.

Students at Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Baptist Universtiy offers scholarship opportunities for talented students. Please feel free to visit the following website.

Accommodation in Sheffield

Scholarships and Awards for MScGMM programme by Hong Kong Baptist University

Outstanding Academic Performance Award

Scholarships of HK$10,000 will be granted to students with an outstanding academic performance at the end of the programme. Students do not need to apply for the scholarship under this merit-based scholarships scheme.

Global Exposure Award

MScGMM applicants with global exposure can apply for the MScGMM Global Exposure Award. A maximum of five awardees per year, each will be awarded with HK$40,000. Applicants will be assessed by a panel based on their extent and degree of multicultural experience, including but not limited to international education and working experiences, as well as participation in prominent international organizations or events. The result will be announced before semester one starts and be awarded by end of semester two.

Lifelong Learning Award

Graduates (associate degree or above) of Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Baptist University-School of Continuing Education and United International College are entitled to a Lifelong Learning Award of HKD10,000 if they are being admitted to this programme. This award will be issued by the Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Marketing in semester two.

Scholarships and Awards are offers by The University of Sheffield

For MSc Global Marketing Management applicants

Applicants to Global Marketing Management MSc will be considered automatically for the Global Marketing Management scholarship using the information supplied in the course application form. This award is exclusive to the Global Marketing Management programme and will be awarded to top academic achievers. The award is comprised of two elements. The first is a 50% waiver of the tuition fee payable to the University of Sheffield for semester 1. The second part will be awarded to the same 3 students and it is a travel grant of £1,000 to help with the costs of travel to and accommodation in Hong Kong in semester 2. This is payable at the end of semester 1 provided that award holders have achieved at least 60% in their first semester assessments.

Open to all students: Home, EU, and International. Note you must have received an offer to study with us by 31 May 2019.

The decision of the scholarship panel is final. No scholarship applications or decision appeals will be considered.

Eligibility and award criteria

  • The University of Sheffield reserves the right to review and change scholarship provision.
  • You must hold an offer to study on the Global Marketing Management MSc course before 16:00 (UK time) on 31 May 2019.
  • You must accept an offer to study full-time on the Global Marketing Management MSc programme at the University of Sheffield before 16:00 (UK time) on 26 April 2019.
  • Your programme must commence at the University of Sheffield in September 2019.
  • For tuition fee purposes you must be self-funded and required to pay the home/overseas tuition fee.
  • You must not be a sponsored student *.
  • The scholarship cannot be awarded in conjunction with any funding from an external sponsor **, excluding a loan, which has to be paid back in full.
  • If you are selected for a scholarship and you fail to meet the conditions of your offer you will no longer be eligible to receive the award.
  • If you change your Masters programme during your studies your scholarship may be forfeited.
  • The decision of the scholarship panel is final. No scholarship applications or decision appeals will be considered.
  • All decisions made by the University are made in good faith. If a scholarship is awarded on the basis of predicted grades and you do not achieve the predicted grades or if the information provided is false, the University reserves the right to remove the scholarship.
  • If you are selected for the scholarship, you will be required to pay a tuition fee deposit by a fixed date.

* Sponsored student is defined as an individual who in receipt of a total sum of funds that matches or exceeds the original tuition fee required by the University..

** Government or governmental organisation – international, national or regional; research council; charity; private enterprise; or any similar organisation.


There are a number of scholarships ranging from £1,000-£5,000 which students may be eligible for, visit the following links for more information:

Regarding Sheffield's scholarships, all applicants who have been made a conditional or unconditional offer will be sent an email inviting them to apply for the relevant scholarship. The email will outline all scholarships that the applicant is eligible to apply for.

# The Scholarships may be offered subject to availability.

^ The scholarship nominations are subject to final scrutiny by and approval of the Programme Panel.

The above information is for reference only and is subject to change without prior notice. Hong Kong Baptist University reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute.