Seminars & Workshops

Semester 1, 2022-23
Date & Venue Speaker Type Topic
18 November 2022
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Prof. Stefano Tasselli Rotterdam
School of Management, Erasmus University and University of Exeter
MIDS Brokerage, Personality Change, And Performance: Exploratory Evidence From An Entrepreneurs’ Network
11 November 2022
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Prof. Jackson G. Lu
MIT Sloan School of Management
MIDS The Bamboo Ceiling in US Business Schools: Who Receive Tenure and Become Deans?
8 November 2022
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Dr. Heaton Sohvi
Oxford University
MGNT Dynamic capabilities and governance: An empirical investigation of financial performance of the higher education sector
7 November 2022
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Dr. Mingrui Xu
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
MGNT Stock Market Valuation on the Sequence of Divestiture and Greenfield Investment Announcement
4 November 2022
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Prof. David Gaddis Ross
R. Perry Frankland Professor
University of Florida
MIDS Herding Moderates and Independent Extremists: A Latent Class Analysis of Ideological Sorting in the Upper Echelons
1 November 2022
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Dr. Niloofar Abolfathi
Bocconi University
MGNT Demand Pull Versus Resource Push Approaches to Entrepreneurship: A Field Experiment
28 October 2022
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Prof. Peter Ping Li
University of Nottingham
MGNT Deglobalization and Decoupling
26 October 2022
DLB 908
Dr. Jaemin Lee
MGNT Defending the Throne: The Influence of Performance Feedback on CEO Succession in Family-Controlled Firms
25 October 2022
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Prof. Forrest Briscoe
The Pennsylvania State University
MIDS Community Protest, Violence, and Business Support for a Social Activist Cause: Evidence from BLM Protests and Corporate Diversity Actions After George Floyd
24 October 2022
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Mr. Wenqian Wang
Purdue University
MGNT Competition of digital networks: Explaining performance heterogeneity of blockchain-enabled multi-party alliances
19 October 2022
DLB 908
Dr. Qinyu Wang, Ryan
The University of Hong Kong
MGNT Patent Strength and the Geography of Cumulative Innovation
14 October 2022
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Dr. Seoin Yoon
Texas A&M University
MGNT Leaders in Isolation: A dual-path model of workplace ostracism of leaders
10 October 2022
WLB 602
Dr. Xinyue Pan
University of Maryland
MGNT The emergence of gossip and reputation-based cooperation
7 October 2022
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Prof. H Dennis Park
University of Texas at Dallas
MIDS Digitization of Inventive Records and Startup Innovation
30 September 2022
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Dr. Joohyung Kim, Jenny
Arizona State University
MGNT Understanding how individuals deal with paradoxical tensions through the lens of ambivalence: The case of technology transfer among federal laboratory scientists
27 September 2022
Dr. Daniel L. Bennett
Florida State University
MGNT Populism and Entrepreneurship