Go Abroad Photo & Video Contest

Winning Entries in AY2021-22

A. Video Category


Winner: WONG Sin Wing, BBA-MKT

The Best Summer in My Life

The video recaps my summer exchange journey. I am so grateful that I had an exchange experience during my undergraduate study. It is so amazing to meet friends from all over the world and immerse myself in different new cultures. This is definitely the best and most memorable summer I have ever had.

1st Runner-up

Winner: YAM Ho Yin, BBA-FIN

My Three Things to Do While Studying Abroad

This video showcases "My three things to do while studying abroad". I believe that everyone has their own exchange story, and this is my wonderful exchange story.

2nd Runner-up


Highlights of My Exchange

It was the most fruitful experience in my life that the entire exchange journey was filled with ups and downs.

Other Outstanding Video Entries


Winner: CHOI Ho Yi, BBA-ISEM


Volunteering with the Eco-City Program in Michaelshof Sammatz is a two-way street for me – I always receive as much as I give. Participating in this event was a meaningful endeavor that I learned more about myself and the breadth of my abilities. I discovered that I am capable of accomplishing the new goals that I had never attempted before.


Winner: Paula ZELTINA, MScBM

90 Seconds in Europe

It’s almost too cool for it to be a school! From classes in fairy-tale palace-like buildings to floating on thermal springs with new friends from all over the world. This was my summer school in central Europe, presented to you in 90 seconds.

Most-liked Video @ Instagram

Winner: Mamed EIBOV, BBA-ENTR


I tried to summarise my exchange abroad in a short video, but still I cannot fully describe and show the emotions that I experienced during my exchange.

B. Photo Category


Winner: CUI Hao, BBA-AECON

Jump into the Sky

Have you tried any extreme sports? I had never thought about paragliding but I eventually did it during the road trip to Turkey with my friends. I enjoyed the excitement that it gave me! The Aegean Sea was under my feet. The sea was amazingly blue with some magical green.


Winner: HOI Wai Hong, BBA-ISEM

Once in a Lifetime Experience in Iceland

It was surreal to have such nice weather in Iceland.

2nd Runner-up


Lost in the Desert

The desert is a natural extension of the inner silence of the body.


Other Outstanding Photo Entries


Awardee: LI Nga Sze, BBA-MKT

Breathe in Paris

Paris is a museum displaying exactly itself. With sunshine, flowers and leaves, I can never decide whether Paris is more beautiful in the daytime or at night.


Awardee: CHAN Yuen Wing, BBA-HRM

The Best View Comes After The Hardest Climb

Joining a trip to a Swiss mountain village in Zermatt. It is a village that could have come straight out of a movie set of a magical story! It is not the mountain I conquered, but myself!


Awardee: LI Nga Sze, BBA-MKT

Something Beautiful was on the Horizon

Colorful hot air balloon accompanied by the beautiful sunrise, the day was such a great day.


Awardee: Mamed EIBOV, BBA-ENTR

Among White Walls

Visiting Santorini always seemed like an unreachable dream for me. The beauty of the unique white architecture and breath-taking nature views are like a paradise on earth, or I would say – something out of this world. In Europe, you can travel to every country within a 2-hour flight. That’s why I didn't hesitate to travel around the whole of Europe in person. Visiting Greece was a perfect ending for my exchange.


Awardee: YAU Man Ting, BBA-HRM

Heart the Chocolate Mountain Matterhorn

Do you know that the Toblerone chocolate (the triangle-shaped one) was designed after the shape of the Matterhorn? Here we are, looking at Matterhorn through a heart-shaped frame and enjoying the best panoramic view of the Alps! Just like a childhood dream came true!


Awardee: LEE Yee Lam, BBA-MKT

Spice up My Life

This photo was a record of transforming me to be another person. I and my friends accidentally crossed the border between Austria and Germany. Therefore, we went to highline 179. It was really scary to walk up to the sky bridge. When I was walking, I almost gave up but I decided to finish. This experience did inspire me – I could do everything and it motivated me to be a better person.


Awardee: Sujasna TAMANG, BBA-FIN

West Coast, Best Coast

The most iconic, Golden Gate!

Most-liked Photo @ Instagram


Holding The Tower of Pisa

Visiting the Tower of Pisa was on my bucket list since I found out about my exchange to Italy. The iconic Tower of Pisa is located in the Italian city of Pisa. It was hilarious to watch how everyone tried to capture the perfect angle for the pictures. In this picture, I tried my best to hold my legs.


Winning Entries of the Previous Contests

Go Abroad Photo & Video Contest 2020
Video Category


Once in a Lifetime

by Alison Siu Yan NGAN

This journey was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. I had captured the most amazing memories and truly unforgettable moments with lots of incredible people in this video. There were both ups and downs in the exchange journey which has been the most amazing experience in my life until now. Life is short. Live to the fullest.

1st Runner-up

Road Trip!

by Sharen Yan Yau FUNG

This video is a flashback of our exchange journey!

2nd Runner-up

5 and Another Million Things I Got from Exchange


In this video, I am sharing the 5 major things (and a million other) that I got from my exchange year in California.

Photo Category


Frozen in Kiruna, Sweden

by Mike Yui Ming LI

We joined a camp for 3 days and tried many activities, such as skiing and fishing, in the snow. It was so cold that everything was frozen - there was nothing better than drinking a cup of hot chocolate!

1st Runner-up

Getting Out from the Cave in South Coast, Iceland

by Sander Shun Tuen CHAIR

It is a natural ice cave located in Vatnajökull glacier, South Coast of Iceland. I was surrounded by natural blue ice and viewed the glacier and the sunset from inside. This made my exchange experience unforgettable. The shape of the ice cave changes year by year.

2nd Runner-up

Unity Power! in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much, as they say!

Other Outstanding Photo Entries


Little Houses in the Big World in Santorini, Greece

by Isaac Wai Chung TSANG

Watching the best sunset on a cliff, with cave houses under my feet. It is the most perfect moment during the exchange trip.


Berlin Wall? in Berlin, Germany

by Khai Ching LAU

Do you know that the Berlin Wall isn’t just wall? There are gates too! A candid shot while I was visiting the east side gallery in Berlin.


Remarkable Stones for Time in Salisbury, England

by Alice Wing Ki TSOI

An unforgettable cultural trip to the Stonehenge


My First Time in Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður, Iceland

by Estella Hiu Kei TSANG

It was my first time to do glacier hiking. This was definitely an unforgettable experience in my exchange journey!


Cherry Blossoms, Picnic and Sunset in Vancouver, Canada

by Ching Yi YIP

This photo was taken when my friends and I were having a picnic in the Burnaby Mountain Park. This magical moment sparkled when the sunlight glowed on the edge of the cherry blossoms.


Celebrities Hunt in Los Angeles in California, USA

by Aziz ZHUNIS

Cycling in Los Angeles and trying to spot celebrities since it is the most popular place where you can meet and chat with celebrities while they are running or cycling.


A Spectacular View in Spain in Seville, Spain

by Vincy Cho Wing HO

Plaza de Espana is the most beautiful plaza that I have ever been to in my life. The bridges, river, fountain and the architecture perfectly match with each other. I enjoyed the nice atmosphere and the dance performance there.



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