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Visiting scholar speaks on business innovation for Entrepreneurship Seminar Series

01 Dec, 2016
img Professor Markus Prandini from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Management and Law, Switzerland gave a guest lecture to share his insights on invention, innovation and international businesses on 1 December.
Professor Prandini opined that to succeed in business innovation, there are different dimensions and stages that multinational companies need to be cognizant of.  He cited the examples of Uber and Kodak to illustrate why it matters for companies to be able to drive ideation and realisation of business innovation.  Uber has activated a disruptive model in the private ride-hailing market through technology and incentives of shared economy to make itself one of the world’s fastest growing startups.  In contrast, the “Kodak moment” that was once highly successful, fell due to its failure to stay on top of the digitalisation process of the camera market and the changing needs of its target segment.
Organised by the School’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, Entrepreneurship Seminar Series invites successful entrepreneurs and scholars in this field from around the world to speak and inspire on HKBU campus.