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HKBU School of Business’ postgraduate Fintech programme awarded 10 fellowship places for local students by the UGC’s fellowship scheme

02 Mar, 2020
img The MSc in Finance (Fintech and Financial Analytics) [MScFIN] programme is listed as one of the recommended programmes in the Targeted Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowships Scheme (“the Scheme”) by the University Grants Committee. It is one of the only twelve taught postgraduate R&I (Research and Innovation) programmes across the eight publicly-funded universities in Hong Kong recommended by the Scheme.

Starting from the 2020/21 academic year, 10 local students of the MScFIN programme with outstanding academic achievements, relevant professional qualifications and/or work experience as well as achievements in other areas will be considered for the Scheme. Each awarded student will be subject to a ceiling of HK$120,000 to subsidise the tuition fees.

The MScFIN programme is an interdisciplinary programme designed to help students develop new insights and perspectives towards emerging financial technologies and analytics, and equips them to take the financial industry to the next level. The programme brings together experts from industry, professional associations (including IFTA and FTAHK) and multidisciplinary academics, covering all aspects of modern FinTech including AI, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, privacy, financial fraud, textual analysis and much more. It is a timely response from the School to the rapidly increasing market needs for talents in such areas.

The MScFIN programme is now accepting applications for the September 2020 entry, with an application deadline of 31 May 2020 for local Hong Kong applicants. Visit the programme website for more information: https://mscfinance.hkbu.edu.hk/fintech-analytics/