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Thirteen BBA students to participate in pilot Marketing Internship Programme at EEG

21 Mar, 2016
In a first-of-its-kind partnership between Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), Emperor Entertainment Academy for Performing Arts, School of Business's Marketing Department and HKBU Alumni Affairs Office, thirteen undergraduate students from the School of Business marketing concentration get the chance to work with top industry players to promote the album launch of alumna-to-be Ms. Angela Hui in September 2016.
The students are expected to be heavily involved in both planning and album promotion, guided by a star-studded panel of tutors and mentors from EEG. The panel includes artist Hins Cheung, composer Mr. Eric Kwok, lyrics writer Mr. Poon Yuen Leung, producer Mr. Harry Ng, director Mr. Wilson Chin, and veteran CEO Mr. Ng Yu from EEG.
The idea of the project originated from a discussion involving Mr. Ng Yu and Dr. Melanie Lee, on the development of our current student-cum-artist Angela. The project is particularly meaningful to Angela, who gets the chance to bridge her double identity of student and artist, and work with her fellow students on her album release.
In the opening remarks, Mr. Ng Yu thanked HKBU for the opportunity of such an explorative collaboration. The programme aims to provide our students with all-round experiences in music production and marketing, and most important of all, to cultivate the respect for intellectual property among the younger generation.
Dr. Henry Fock, head of the Department of Marketing, thanked EEG for offering not only a few but thirteen internship places for our students. While he was thankful that EEG put up a panel of their best tutors for our students, the department will also offer its own teaching-award-winning teachers in Dr. Candy Ho and Dr. Connie Li, to assist the thirteen interns in achieveing Marketing Internship course learning objectives..
Prior to the start of the internship, the students met two times in the run-up to the press conference, having their first glimpse of how a commercial press conference is organised. They will commence their internship in May this year, and will also be offered valuable chances to take some classes at Emperor Entertainment Academy for Performing Arts. To them, this could probably be the best chance to bring what they have learnt in classroom to the one beyond.
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