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HKBU Marketing team wins top award at World Asian Case Competition 2022

27 Jul, 2022
img A team of four business school students won the World’s Best Top 10 Award at the World Asian Case Competition 2022 held in Metaverse on 9 July 2022. Dr. Rocky Chen, coach of the team and Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing, was named one of the ‘Best Advisors of the Year’ for the outstanding coaching provided to the students.

Organised annually by the Academy of Asian Business for the 10th year, the competition gathered contesting teams from top universities around the world to analyse  business development from a small start  into an  successful brand. The HKBU team, ZHOU Yubo, CHEN Huili, SUN Hao and LIU Ting from BBA Marketing, chose Bilibili, a leading Chinese video sharing website themed around animation, comics and games (ACG), as their case. Studying the case from all around perspective, the team focused on how Bilibili captures the preferences of the younger generation, and provided suggestions for implementing its pre-video ad-free policy.

As one of the Best Advisors of the Year, Dr. Chen shared his observations on the team’s success. “Follow your passion, believe in yourself and getting things done independently are the keys to success. I encourage all students to keep their passion and always look at new things that interest them. There are so many exciting new things around us, and what we need to do is to keep observing and learning. New technologies bring new companies, and new companies provide new business cases that worth studying. No matter how old we are, we can always have a young heart and a curious mind. Stay young, stay curious, and the next big idea is just around the corner.”

This year, the top three awards went to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan, Boston University, USA and The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. The Top 10 teams’ winning cases will be featured in the book series “How Asian Brands Soar” published by the Academy of Asian Business, in hard-copy and e-book, available in universities around the world and in Amazon. The HKBU team’s presentation is available on YouTube.