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School of Business Hosts AI-Infused Session at HKBU Secondary School Principals’ Day

05 Feb, 2024
img The HKBU School of Business hosted a session titled “AI-Infused Creativity: Nurturing Innovative Business Leaders for Tomorrow” as part of the HKBU Secondary School Principals’ Day 2024 on 2nd February 2024. The session, featuring Mr. Spencer FUNG, CEO and Founder of Optix Solutions Limited and EXCO Member of AI Specialist Group, Hong Kong Computer Society, provided insights into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) as a catalyst for creative problem-solving in the business world. It attracted around 40 principals and educators to attend.

The session explored the transformative impact of AI on creative problem-solving in businesses, with real-world examples to illustrate how AI augments human creativity and fosters innovative solutions to complex business problems. These AI-powered innovations have the potential to reshape industries and empower entrepreneurs to pursue disruptive ventures. Mr. FUNG emphasised the necessity of nurturing AI literacy in business education, underscoring the importance of equipping future business leaders with comprehensive AI skills and understanding, allowing them to strategically navigate the implications of AI and make informed decisions to accommodate maximum users’ needs.

Concluding the seminar, Mr. FUNG advocated for a human-centric approach to AI integration in business education. He stressed the importance of striking a delicate balance between technological advancements and the cultivation of creative thinking. By exploring methodologies that encourage creative AI applications while maintaining human-centric values. The session aimed to cultivate a new generation of business leaders proficient in leveraging AI for fostering innovative and creative problem-solving in the business world and the society as a whole.
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