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HKBU School of Business and the Hive Club for Business Host a Festive Christmas Party for the Postgraduates and Alumni

20 Dec, 2023
img On 15th December 2023, the Global Engagement Section of the HKBU School of Business and the Hive Club co-organised a festive Christmas party, uniting around 50 business postgraduates and alumni of different nationalities.

The party kicked off with a welcome remark from Prof. Gerard PRENDERGAST, Associate Dean (Internationalisation) of the HKBU School of Business. He encouraged all students and alumni to find solace in the connections around them, and to embrace the gift of time.

This year's Christmas party buzzed with a newfound integration as students from the Mainland China joined the festivities, contributing to a rich tapestry of cultures and experiences. The atmosphere was electric, brimming with infectious energy as diverse colours and backgrounds intertwined, fostering an environment ripe for meaningful interactions. In addition to current postgraduate students, the party also fostered a reunion for alumni, providing a platform for them to reminisce, share updates, and revel in the celebration. The fun and excitement reached new heights as our students and alumni participated in various games, showcasing their skills and creativity. The crowd was mesmerised by the performance of a guest saxophonist, and a student’s enthusiastic dance performance added to the gaiety of the festival.

The party also served as a platform for our current students to advance their career development. Two alumni: Elsa Lam and Mario Birlea, who specialise in Human Resources Management and Business Management respectively, imparted valuable insights to the participants. Elsa unveiled the secrets to acing interviews and enhancing one's CV. Meanwhile, Mario encouraged students to push their boundaries and fearlessly pursue their dreams, inspiring them to strive for personal and professional growth.
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