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Dr. Marta Dowejko deep dives into startup mentoring and future of workforce

13 Jul, 2020
img The Department of Management of the HKBU School of Business joined the Startup Impact Summit 2020 and Connected Cities Conference of the StartMeUpHK Festival 2020 to share insights into startup mentoring and human capital. Attended by a global audience from over 90 countries/ regions, the Festival was held online from 6-10 July 2020, aiming at helping founders of innovative and scalable startups from overseas to set up or expand in Hong Kong.

Dr. Marta Dowejko, Research Assistant Professor of the Department of Management, hosted the Startup Mentoring Workshop for startups to develop a deeper understanding of mentorship, define their mentoring needs and contributions, and provide tips on how to set up better and stronger mentoring relations.

Dr. Dowejko explained that mentors are experienced individuals who provide developmental benefits to founders based on non-compensated, intense, reciprocal, and repeated interactions over time and should not be confused with coaches or consultants. Benefits of mentoring develop over time and are mutual for both the startups and mentors. Amongst others, startups accelerate their venture development, get referrals or access to funding, while mentors experience self-development, build their reputation, and boost their careers. Dr. Dowejko concluded that founders are equally able to work with mentors who are assigned to them and not chosen, and form lasting and effective relationship for growing their startups, but they need to adjust their strategies to address potential pitfalls of working with a stranger.

Dr. Dowejko also moderated a panel discussion titled Human Capital Equation hosted by KPMG, where she was joined by Ms. Karen Wang of Global Solutions Foundation, Mr. Eric Chan of Cyberport, and three students from King George V School, to deep dive into the future of the workforce.

The Department of Management puts a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship education and training. Flagship initiatives include the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship concentration, aiming to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and global vision of students, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, which supports the School’s entrepreneurship education by conducting research projects and offering seminars, workshops, and related activities to encourage, cultivate, and nurture the entrepreneurial culture and atmosphere among students.