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BBA HRM Mentoring Program 2015 Closing & 2016 Kick-off Ceremony

07 Mar, 2016
The 2015 closing ceremony and 2016 opening ceremony for the BBA HRM Mentoring Program was held at Yau Yat Chuen Garden City Club on 7 March 2016. The ceremony was attended by over 200 people, including managers, CEOs, mentors, mentees and students. The event was also supported by the School’s advisory committee members (Mr. William Leung, Mr. David Lee, Mr. William Chan and Mr. Bernard Wu).

The Honourable Dr. Anson Chan, former Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR, gave a guest sharing on the importance of English in the working society of Hong Kong. She stressed that history has demonstrated the evolution of English language as one of the leading tools of communication in the business sector. In Hong Kong’s “One Country, Two System” environment, one of our competitive strengths over mainland cities is our history of bilingual education, providing a bridge between the Chinese and Western cultures. She encouraged our students to “speak more English, read more English and write more English”, and to do so not for the sake of passing examinations or finding better jobs, but to benefit from the full richness of the English language culture, to sharpen communication skills and thus open doors to more direct participation in the wider world. 

Dr. Aaron Chiang, Vice President of Hong Kong People Management Association, also took the opportunity to encourage our mentees to treasure the rich experiences that our veteran mentors offer. 

The HKBU HRM Mentoring Program was jointly launched by the Hong Kong People Management Association (HKPMA) and the Department of Management of Hong Kong Baptist University. The Program aims to provide students with the opportunity to grow and build self-esteem from positive and supportive relations with leaders in the field of human resources management.
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