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HKBU Department of Marketing’s TV show raises awareness of sustainable fashion

15 Mar, 2021
img The Department of Marketing will launch a TV show to promote Sustainable Fashion (衫♻不盡) as part of the Jockey Club Responsible Consumption Programme. The show will be aired on Hong Kong Open TV and Cable TV on Saturdays and Sundays, starting from 14 March 2021.

In the four episodes, the TV hosts Terence Siufay and Kiki Tam, together with six HKBU undergraduate Marketing students will bring the audience into a learning journey of sustainable fashion. The show will explore issues such as reducing consumption, upcycling and recycling, through students completing a set of challenges and attending an array of workshops and visits. The TV show will also introduce smart tips on how to stay green and fashionable. In the last episode, the students unleash their creativity and apply what they have learnt in a mini eco-fashion show.

The Programme will be aired on Cable TV – Family Entertainment Channel at 9pm from 14 March 2021, and on Hong Kong Open TV at 8pm from 10 April 2021.

About the Jockey Club Responsible Consumption Programme
The Department of Marketing is supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust with a donation of over HK$8 million. The Programme is a three-year community project focusing on three themes – responsible consumption of ‘ugly food’ (2018); reducing consumption of shopping bags and packaging materials (2019); and fast fashion (2020-21). The project aims to raise awareness of responsible consumption in Hong Kong, especially among young people, and to educate and engage people  in responsible consumption behaviours. In addition to providing educational TV programmes, the project comprises two major components – a secondary school marketing contest and a research project to establish a validated measure of the social impact of responsible consumption.
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