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ACG platform founder shares key to entrepreneurship and management

29 Oct, 2019
img Mr. Stephen Po, a seasoned entrepreneur and engineer, shared his multi-startup experiences with HKBU students. The seminar was hosted on 29 October 2019 as part of the Entrepreneurial Seminar Series (ESS). 

As the founder and CEO of QooApp, one of the most influential ACG (anime, comics and games) platforms in Asia founded in 2014, Stephen attributed the success of his company to his management philosophy – complete transparency. “I want to make sure that my team understands the company’s objectives, performance and financial status well, so they know they are trusted and empowered, and the company can march forward as a team.” Earlier this year, QooApp managed to raise Series A funding from Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund, and now has over 30 million users. 

Stephen may be a ‘late-comer’ to become a start-upper at 32. However, he believes his work experience has equipped him with essential knowledge and has expanded his personal networks for him to successfully venture into entrepreneurship. “Some of my friends doubted when they knew I quit my job to start my own company as they thought it’s too risky for someone over 30. For me, however, risk is everywhere even if you’ve got a stable job, as the middle management are always the first targets to get laid-off. Only by continuously equipping yourselves with new knowledge, latest market trends and opportunities, can you have the greatest security in your career.”

Organised by the HKBU School of Business’ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC), the Entrepreneurship Seminar Series invites successful entrepreneurs and scholars from around the globe to speak and inspire on HKBU campus.