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School of Business Joins Force with Hong Kong Monetary Authority to Nurture Future FinTech Talent

03 Nov, 2021
img To nurture financial technology (FinTech) talent, HKBU School of Business has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to launch the Industry Project Masters Network (IPMN) scheme. A signing ceremony was held on 19 October 2021.

The IPMN scheme is a partnership among HKMA and four local universities, namely, HKBU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The University of Hong Kong, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The scheme aims to groom FinTech talent by providing opportunities to FinTech postgraduate students to work on banking projects. Students will be deeply involved in FinTech research and application projects and gain practical skills and experience. IPMN also aims to provide a means to bridge the knowledge gap between the academic world and industry. The scheme is scheduled to be officially launched in September 2022.

"The HKMA has been at the forefront of the development of Hong Kong as a major Fintech centre. This important new initiative will help groom Fintech talent and provide for fruitful collaborations between academia and the finance sector,” said Prof. Ed Snape, Dean of the HKBU School of Business. “HKBU's MSc in Finance (Fintech & Financial Analytics) is honoured to partner with the HKMA in this initiative.”

“We are glad that the MSc in Finance (Fintech & Financial Analytics) programme is recognised among the elite ones in the booming fintech field to groom talents for the future. The aim of the IPMN scheme echoes with what the programme has been doing together with professional industry leaders since its inception.” added Prof. Aris Stouraitis, Head of the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences of the HKBU School of Business.

In the scheme, HKMA will connect with mentors from banks and FinTech firms, such as consulting or technology firms, for each project, while professors in the FinTech-related field from HKBU School of Business will serve as academic mentors to advise students. The academic advisors will not only offer advice for students when they have questions, they will also provide evaluations on students’ final project report, so that the participating students will be able to gain theoretical understanding and practical experience in the FinTech field.