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HKBU School of Business Celebrates Resilience and Adaptability at 65th Commencement Ceremony

12 Jun, 2024
img Anticipation filled the Academic Community Hall at HKBU campus on 6th and 7th June 2024, as the School of Business took center stage, hosting its 65th Commencement sessions. Caps soared jubilantly through the air, hearts raced, and warm hugs crisscrossed the venue. Nearly 1,500 final-year students from 13 taught programmes stood at the crossroads of their past achievements and the boundless possibilities ahead. This cohort commenced their journey during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic — an unprecedented era that tested the world in unimaginable ways. Yet, resilience shone through, and the Class of 2024 has emerged victorious.

Prof. Yuk-Shing CHENG, Interim Dean of the School of Business, extended the university’s warm wishes during the Commencement address. He highlighted the university’s transdisciplinary approach, which equips students with a broad skill set — a crucial asset in today’s dynamic job market. He stated, “Notwithstanding this changing employment landscape, I am sure that the transdisciplinary education you have received at HKBU will help you thrive as slashers, if you so desire, since it has equipped you with a broad skill set and fostered an adaptable and flexible mindset.” He also encouraged students to responsibly leverage technology while remaining connected to their unique humanity, emphasising, “Always remember, technology is a tool; it is humans who bring meaning and purpose to its application.”

The Commencement sessions featured four class valedictorians representing the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, each brought a unique perspective. They reflected on the unique and intriguing challenges their cohort faced due to the pandemic. With humour, they praised the professors for their dedication to teaching, even when it meant talking to a lifeless screen for lengthy periods. Grateful for families unexpectedly turned classmates, they acknowledged the steadfast support and constant encouragement. These heartfelt remarks encapsulated the resilience and adaptability that defined this exceptional university journey for the Class of 2024. Emerging from an unparalleled era, they carry newfound strength and wisdom, ready to embrace the future.
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