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Centre for Business Analytics and the Digital Economy launched to foster digital-technology-related teaching and research

30 Nov, 2018
img The Centre for Business Analytics and the Digital Economy of the HKBU School of Business has been established to provide a focus for research, engagement and the development of the teaching-research nexus on business analytics.  An opening ceremony cum inaugural seminar was held on 29 November 2018.

The new Centre, led by Prof. Kim Sau Chung as Director and Dr. Ting Chen as Associate Director, aims to promote business research that takes advantage of recent advances in data-analytic techniques, as well as studies on how the rise of big data and artificial intelligence transforms our corporate environment.

“In addition to its research-oriented activities, the Centre is also teaching- and impact-oriented.  It will collaborate with social partners such as the Hong Kong Federation of E-Commerce.  Social partners may share with us their proprietary data, which we may use in our teaching and research.  In return, we will share with them findings that will enhance their competitiveness.  This allows us to generate research output, social impact, and teaching opportunities at the same time,” said Prof. Kim Sau Chung.

The opening ceremony was followed by an inaugural seminar titled "Split-Second Decision-Making in the Field: Response Times in Mobile Advertising", delivered by Prof. Matthew Shum, J. Stanley Johnson Professor of Economics, California Institute of Technology.