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Jockey Club Responsible Consumption Programme Awarded for Diversity

03 Jan, 2022
img The “Jockey Club Responsible Consumption Programme”, a 3-year environmental educational initiative by the Department of Marketing, was named the “Most Diversified Activity Types in Series” by the HKSAR Education Bureau. An official award presentation ceremony was conducted at the Life Planning Education Conference 2021 on 12 November 2021.

The award recognised the programme for running an annual Hong Kong Secondary School Marketing Contest on “Ugly Food” (in 2018), “Shopping Bags and Packaging” (2019), and “Fast Fashion” (2020-2021), with 1,200 secondary school students participated in the contest over the three years.. The project is a collaboration with the Education Bureau Business-School Partnership Programme, the Consumer Council and the HKCSSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre.

Each year, students were invited to submit a one-minute video to promote the designated theme to the public. Shortlisted teams were given a series of training opportunities, including workshops on responsible consumption and socially responsible marketing, along with visits to social enterprises to better understand related social issues. Students attended a two-day training camp at HKBU in the final stage, providing them with a chance to meet with corporate representatives and HKBU marketing scholars.

Dr. Glos Ho, Project Leader of the Programme and Associate Head of the Department of Marketing, received the award on behalf of the Department. “The aim has been to raise young people’s awareness of responsible consumption and to engage them in responsible consumption behaviours. It has been very worthwhile and we are glad that the project has been recognised in this way,” suggested Dr. Ho.

Funded by a donation of HK$8 million from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, this three-year environmental educational community programme (2018-2021) comprises three major components – a secondary school marketing contest, a public education TV programme and a research project to develop a measure of the social impact of responsible consumption.