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Business Student named Champion in International Sustainable Trade Challenge

29 Mar, 2019
img A graduate student, Cao Ningcheng, of the MSc in Applied Economics Programme won first place in the 2018 Sustainable Trade Challenge organised by the Hinrich Foundation and APRU (The Association of Pacific Rim Universities). The challenge involved graduate students developing policy proposals or industry solutions to address issues raised by the Sustainable Trade Index developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Ningcheng competed with students from 98 universities across 27 countries and was crowned champion by a judging panel of trade policy experts from the Asian Development Bank, the Asian Institute of Management, INSEAD, the National University of Singapore, the United Nations ESCAP and more.

Her idea was to introduce a carbon tax in China using a model-building method learnt in the econometrics class, which aimed to alleviate the alarming smog level in Beijing where she spent her undergraduate years.

The second place winner was a team entry from the National University of Singapore.