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Renowned stock analyst predicts slowing growth looms over global economy

15 Mar, 2016
On 15 March, the School of Business invited Mr. Francis Kwok, Executive Director of Bright Smart Securities Group, as the speaker of the Executive Seminar Series.  The seminar was hosted by Dr. Billy Mak, Associate Professor of Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, who is also a popular columnist.  The two experts analysed key economic indicators of a bear market in depth. 

As one of the most well received stock analysts in town, Mr. Kwok shared his views on wealth management during an economic downturn, attracting nearly 180 HKBU students and drawing a large audience from the public.

Mr. Kwok focused his analysis on the stock market fluctuations over the past two years, particularly A-shares and H-shares in the mainland Chinese markets.  He attributed the market turmoil during the period from October 2014 to the mid of 2015 to falling oil prices. Worldwide deflation prevailed, leading companies to perform badly.  

A graduate in the 1980s, Mr. Kwok made his fortune by investing in 4,000 shares during the merger of the century of Hutchison and Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock. "I deeply sympathise with young people in Hong Kong because buying a flat and  surviving in today’s economic situation is very tough.  Unfortunately, life can be even harder, if you have no saving habit," said Mr. Kwok. 

His last words of wisdom to the students were that saving alone cannot make a big fortune, but parents and credit cards should neither be one's last resort.  He encouraged young people to stand on their own.
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