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Dr. Archimedes Guerra Secures Third Prize in International Contest for Innovative Blended Teaching and Learning

31 Jan, 2022
img Dr. Archimedes Guerra, Lecturer in the Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, received the Third Prize in the 2021 International Contest on Blended Teaching and Learning organised by Peking University.

Applying the Blended Learning for the Engagement and Self-efficacy of Students (BLESS) strategy in his course Business Research Methods, Dr. Guerra fosters student engagement through meaningful and frequent interactions among students and teachers, both online and offline. BLESS facilitates students’ development of academic self-efficacy, and it helps them to higher levels of academic achievement. Dr. Guerra was aslso an award recipient in the School’s Teaching Awards for 2020, based on his application of the BLESS approach in teaching social entrepreneurship.

The annual contest gathers teachers from around the world to showcase their innovative design and implementation of Blended Learning. This year, 27 individuals and teams from China, Egypt, Japan, Singapore and the USA competed in the final round, with the Grand Price, the First Prize and the Third Prize going to HKBU scholars in the School of Communication and Film, The Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning, and the School of Business, respectively.