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School Awards 2021-22 Celebrate Teaching, Research and Service Excellence

26 Apr, 2022
img The Annual School Awards of the HKBU School of Business recognise colleagues for their outstanding teaching, research and service. Four faculty members were honoured in the Awards for 2021-22.
Teaching (Individual) Award 
Dr. Astrophel Choo, Senior Lecturer, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
Dr. Astrophel Choo has been a supportive advisor for students throughout the years he has been with HKBU. When conducting lectures for students, he places a lot of emphasis on students’ understanding, because he strongly believes that students will be more willing to further pursue the knowledge if they understand it. Apart from teaching students about finance, Dr. Choo also leverages his professional networks to invite industry leaders and organises seminars/workshops to enable the students to understand the industry better and to equip students with the technical skills that will be relevant to them in the future. Dr. Choo is very approachable and meets with students regularly to provide advice on what they need to do in their undergraduate days to prepare for life after graduation, in the hope of improving their employability. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Choo also attends workshops to continuously sharpen his teaching skills and knowledge for the good of students.
Early Career Teaching Award
Dr. Wookje Sung, Assistant Professor, Department of Management
Central to Dr. Wookje Sung’s teaching philosophy is relevance and engagement. He is a firm believer that a teacher is a motivator and a coach rather than a lecturer or an evaluator. An award-winning teacher since his doctorate student days, Dr. Sung has been walking the extra mile to make sure students are positively motivated to learn. For examples, he gives every student a “second chance” to submit assignments two days prior to the deadline to improve and get a better final grade, even though that means he has to spend a lot more time and individual care to re-read and grade assignments. Dr. Sung also develops diverse class activities and arranges the sequence of lectures and exercises so as to better engage students’ attention in class and develop their self-learning abilities. Meeting the challenges posed by the pandemic, Dr. Sung makes good use of online platforms to enable students’ seamless participation in class and allowing him to provide prompt and timely feedback. Dr. Sung presents the latest research in class, and asks students to solve real problems in their final essay. A key theme is high relevance and timeliness, helping enhance students’ interest to pursue knowledge continuously.
Scholarly Work Award
Prof. Christy Cheung, Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences [and the awardee of President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Scholarly Work 2022] 
Prof. Christy Cheung is globally recognised as a leader in the Management Information Systems (MIS) field. With her research expertise in the societal implications of IT use, Prof. Cheung has been recognized as an “RGC Senior Research Fellow” in the inaugural Research Grants Council (RGC) Senior Research Fellow Scheme (SRFS), bringing a grant of around HK$7.8 million for HKBU over a period of 60 months. She has served as Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator of over 25 research grants, totalling over HK$12 million. The significance of her work is evidenced by her publications with an outstanding 25,000+ and 7,500+ citations (an h-index of 69 and i-10 index of 122) in Google Scholar and Web of Science, respectively. She has been recognised to be among the world’s top 2% scholars, with a recent ranking of 29th out of 18,000+ scientists in the field of information systems (and ranked 1st among female scientists in the field). Prof. Cheung has published around 200 referred articles in international journals and conference proceedings, with an impressive track record of scholarly work published in top-tier journals in MIS, including Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, among many others. She has served as editor and editorial board member for major IS journals.
Service Award 
Dr. Glos Ho, Associate Head & Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing
Dr. Glos Ho’s contributions to HKBU and the professional community has been manifested through her programme directorship and substantial support to peers. Dr. Ho led the School’s first flagship joint-degree programme, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Global Marketing (MScEGM), through a series of critical moments with her exceptional negotiation skills and persistence. She successfully initiated and took charge of the planning of the School’s interdisciplinary MSc in Marketing for Creative Economy (MScMCE) and the University’s transdisciplinary BA (Hons) in Business Administration (Global Entertainment) programmes, in collaboration with colleagues from different HKBU faculties, showing great empathy and leadership.  Dr. Ho has served as Associate Head of the Department of Marketing since 2018. She has contributed a broad range of service to the University in enhancing student learning, for example, by mentoring junior teachers, providing insightful ideas on classroom design for the digital era, and sharing good teaching practices via speaking opportunities and interviews. Outside of the campus, Dr. Ho led the 3-year Hong Kong Jockey Club Responsible Consumption Project to advocate for a responsible lifestyle of young people in Hong Kong, of which the project was awarded as the “Most Diversified Learning Activities” by the HKSAR Education Bureau in November 2021.  Dr. Ho has also been active in building business-academic ties to enrich students’ exposure in the real business world by securing internship opportunities, funding and company projects etc. She is frequently invited to provide service to other academic institutions, helping strengthen the exchange between HKBU and other institutions and raise the standing of the University. 
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