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Founder of Hinrich Foundation honoured with BGS’s Entrepreneurial Achievement Award

28 Sep, 2018
img Dr. Merle A. Hinrich, Founder and Chairman of Hinrich Foundation and a staunch supporter of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), was honoured with The Entrepreneurial Achievement Award by Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) for his significant contribution to the development of global trade through business and education, and for his charitable work and commitment to society. An award presentation ceremony was conducted on 28 September 2018.

Prof. Ed Snape, Dean of the HKBU School of Business, applauded Dr. Hinrich for his foresight and thanked him for his support to the University and the School. “Dr. Hinrich embodies the ideals of BGS and the School’s commitment to sustainable development through his remarkable business success and his inspiring philanthropy. Over the years, Dr. Hinrich and the Hinrich Foundation have not only rendered us unwavering support to nurture talent with global vision, they have also spurred the growth of trade-focused SMEs in emerging markets in Asia. We are proud to have such a close partnership with Dr. Hinrich in fostering tomorrow’s business leaders.”

Crowned “Asia’s e-commerce king” by The Economist, Dr. Hinrich is an innovator and a pioneer in global trade. He has been connecting sellers in Asia with buyers in the West since as early as 1970, launching Asia’s first business-to-business online marketplace, Global Sources Ltd.

“It’s always my conviction that sustainable global trade promotes peace between nations,” said Dr. Hinrich when sharing with students and guests about his entrepreneurial journey in the past five decades. “All businesses are constantly evolving, and we as entrepreneurs have to adjust accordingly to keep abreast of the ever-changing business environment. However, change is not always easy, so you have to be very flexible and thoroughly understand your capabilities before you can operate in a variety of cultures and cope with change.”

When asked for advice for students who want to set up their own businesses, Dr. Hinrich requested them to be “totally passionate about what you are doing. You should be completely committed to your business. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You have to invest your heart in it. Be prepared to take the risks and make sacrifices.”

The BGS Entrepreneurial Achievement Award is an international recognition for individual and firms who combine innovative business achievement with service to humanity. BGS HKBU Chapter, a Highest Honours Roll of BGS, nominated Dr. Hinrich for the award. Dr. Hinrich is among the only three awardees this year worldwide.
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