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BBA Students Named University Innovation Fellows

18 Dec, 2023
img Three BBA students, NG Tsz-chung (Year 4, BBA Marketing), LIU Qianyi (Year 3, BBA Finance), and FUNG Wai-shan (Year 4, BBA ISBI) have been named Fellows under the “University Innovation Fellows” (UIF) program organised by Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design. In recognition of their achievements, the HKBU Centre for Innovative Service-Learning hosted a pinning ceremony. These accomplished Fellows, along with other international Fellows, are set to attend the "UIF Meetup 2024" in the Netherlands in April 2024. The global gathering will provide a platform for discussions on global issues, including smart cities, sustainability strategies, and global migration.

The UIF program, which has trained 2,910 students at 314 schools around the world, strives to empower students to become change agents at their schools. Fellows dedicate themselves to ensure that all fellow students develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge required to navigate a complex world and shape a promising future.

In pursuit of this objective, the three BBA students underwent a six-week online training to learn about design thinking and Lean Startup Methodology for evaluating campus ecosystems and identifying opportunities for change related to innovation, entrepreneurship, design thinking, and creativity. Upon a project proposal is developed, they will proceed to implement their ideas, transforming them into tangible realities.

This year, a total of 261 students from 68 higher education institutions across 15 countries have been named Fellows under the UIF program.
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