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Business students top the World’s Got Talent @HKBU final contest

30 May, 2022
img The World’s Got Talent @HKBU, hosted by the School of Business, gathered yet another group of gifted students to celebrate HKBU’s spirit of diversity and inclusion. The Final Contest was conducted on 27 May 2022 via online livestreaming, featuring the top nine finalists’ spectacular performances of passion and talent.

Prof. Gerard Prendergast, Associate Dean (Internationalisation) of the School of Business, highlighted the University’s and the School’s commitment to encouraging creativity by providing a diverse learning environment for students, which is essential for students’ academic and personal growth.

The contest received 40 entries from local and international students across the HKBU faculties. Nine finalists competed in the final round, in which two business students, GU Yeping James (Year 3, BBA ISEM) and CHAU Hoi Yee Chloe (Year 4, BBA Accounting) scooped the Gold and Silver Prizes respectively, with the former playing the Erhu masterfully, mimicking galloping horses, and the latter performing a sophisticated dance with rigorous movements and perfect balance on an aerial hoop. TSE Chun Hei Jeff from the School of Communication won the Bronze Prize with his passionate singing of “Saving All My Love for You”, and the Audience Choice Award, selected by HKBU students, faculty members and staff online during the Final Contest, went to LAU Sai Yuk Katniss of the Faculty of Science with her solo singing.

The contest also featured a magic performance by Mr. Louis YAN, the world-renowned magician and a HKBU distinguished alumnus, and a dialogue session with final contestants. On its 5th anniversary, the event was wrapped up with an emotional and exciting video highlighting the talented performances over the years.

The full contest is available for viewing here. Alternatively, please visit the event page for details.
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