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BBA student named “Youth to Watch” by Zubin Foundation

12 Apr, 2018
Abbas Khan, a Year 3 BBA Finance student of the HKBU School of Business, was named “Youth to Watch” of the year by the Zubin Foundation, which aims at bringing together exemplary local ethnic minority individuals who want to serve Hong Kong. Seven candidates including Abbas were honoured in the inaugural Youth to Watch initiative.

Abbas is a Pakistani student and one of the six awardees of HKBU’s Admission Scholarship Scheme for Outstanding South and South East Asian Ethnic Minority Students this academic year. He said he was delighted and proud to be chosen as one of the Youth to Watch 2018. “In the coming year, I will try to get in touch with ethnic minority friends or relatives and learn about the problems or issues that they might be facing currently in society. I will do my best to relay those messages to the Zubin Foundation or government officials.”

As a business student majoring in Finance, Abbas aspires to start his own investment company after graduation to create employment opportunities for those with a similar background and provide a platform for them to play to their strengths. Apart from actively volunteering in the local community, Abbas interned in Lan Kwai Fong Properties and Manulife International, where he not only gained invaluable knowledge of the financial industry, but also great wisdom in workplace communications and management for him to excel in his future career.

The Zubin Foundation first launched Diversity List and Community Connectors in 2006. These initiatives aim at identifying outstanding individuals from ethnic groups who are devoted to contributing to Hong Kong by serving on government advisory and statutory bodies. This year, the Foundation launched the “Youth to Watch” list to recognise outstanding individuals under the age of 35 who are committed to bettering Hong Kong through their ideas, passion and talent.
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