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HKBU School of Business Hosts Fun Run to Promote Cultural Diversity and Cross-Cultural Understanding on Campus

01 Mar, 2024
img The Global Engagement Section (GES) at the HKBU School of Business held the Fun Run 2024 on 20th February 2024, as one of the events of the Global Sports Days series. Through engaging in a friendly running competition, it aimed to provide students with opportunities to connect with their peers, faculty members, and staff from different cultural backgrounds outside the classroom. The event garnered participation from a diverse group of over 80 HKBU students and faculty members, among whom nearly half were international participants representing 20 countries across the globe.

During the welcome remarks, Prof. Gerard PRENDERGAST, Associate Dean (Internationalisation) of the HKBU School of Business, highlighted the event's alignment with the institution's mission of whole person education. He also emphasised, “physical exercises can contribute to both your physical and mental well-being,” encouraging participants to embrace a lifelong love for running even after the competition concludes.

The Fun Run offered both team and individual challenges that encouraged participants to push their boundaries, fostering meaningful interactions and facilitating intercultural learning experiences among peers from diverse backgrounds. To fuel motivation, attractive prizes of up to HK$2,400 were awarded to those who successfully completed the challenges. As a part of the ongoing Global Sport Days initiative, a Football World Cup is scheduled for 12th April 2024, which promises to further cultivate cross-cultural interactions and celebrate vibrant cultural diversity within our school community. For more details, please visit here:

The results of the Fun Run challenges and awards were as follows:
Team Challenge:
Prizes Team Name Attendee Name
Gold Prize SKTT1
  • YIP Chun Kiu
  • NG Cheuk Fung
Sliver Prize BUXC
  • LAI Cheuk Fai
  • YEUNG Kak
Bronze Prize Room No.807
  • KOO Pak Hin
  • KIM Chaewon
Fintech Thunderbolts
  • MUHAMMAD Nasir
  • AIKINS Eugene
Diversity Award
Yuri Tard
  • YEW Jin Chen
  • SUTANTO Samuel David
Fast Money
  • GUO Tianbei
  • GUERRA Archimedes David
  • LAL MUHAMMAD Iqra Perveen
  • KHAN Alyaan Ali Abaas
Power Pacers
  • GABDUSHEV Kassym
Chemistry Killers
  • LUO Shihui
  • TRITTON Daniel Nnaemaka
Mango Tree
  • MAMUN Abdullah Al
  • YAO Ping
Chasing Dollars
  • SINGH Satyajeet Kumar
  • AZURO Telesforo Jude IIII Mapus
The Walkers
  • PARKER Michael
  • GUILLAR Pocholo
Bad Guys
  • OGATA Masahikol
  • MALECKI Josef
Room No.807
  • KOO Pak Hin
  • KIM Chaewon
  • SILVA Mario Rafael
  • WU Zhixiang
WX Lab
  • GURUNG Susma
  • ASTHANA Pallavi
Super Hulk
  • DEHIWALA LIYANAGE Ishanka Harshani Kusum Peiris
  • LU Nike
Usain NOT Bolt
  • BK Aviral
  • DAUD Mariam
823 united
  • FISCHER Maximilian Peter
  • LEE Chun Hei
King & Finn
  • YU King Lam
Fintech Thunderbolts
  • MUHAMMAD Nasir
  • AIKINS Eugene
Individual Challenge (Male):
Prizes Attendee Name 
Gold Prize  SALAÜN Ewen 
Silver Prize   YIN Zhen
Bronze Prize   GUO Binfeng  
Individual Challenge (Female):
Prizes Attendee Name 
Gold Prize DESPUECH Pauline
Silver Prize SOJOBI Akpevwe Joyce
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