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PhD student granted National Social Science Fund

26 Oct, 2015
PhD student Li Ya, Leah of Department of Finance and Decision Sciences had been awarded National Social Science Fund for young learners, which was granted by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science of The People’s Republic of China in mid of July 2015.  Leah was among the 27,171 nation-wide applicants competing for the fund, fulfilling its requirements of originality and practicality.  The Fund, amounted to RMB200,000, will facilitate Leah to partner with Xiangjun Peng, Associate Professor of Chongqing Normal University, to explore the efficient ways of utilizing resources in the cyber world.  Their research can convince private enterprises and the government the importance to provide infrastructural support for traditional service industry.  Their research is believed to add value to studying the Internet economy of the Mainland.
National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science was established by the central government in 1991.  Under its supervision, National Social Science Fund is open for application by part-time postgraduate students every year.  The Fund covers a total of 23 areas of study, among which humanities and social sciences have a good reputation for excellence.  This year, 2,285 projects or researches were granted the Fund, representing a success rate of 8%.