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MBA Students Dive into Innovation and Sustainability at Leading Hong Kong Companies

22 Jan, 2024
img A group of 60 MBA students from the Mainland China had the privilege of participating in a series of company visits in Hong Kong on 19 January. The itinerary featured stops at the China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center Hong Kong Open Lab, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas), and the Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited (HKTV). These visits offered the students valuable insights into the business landscape of Hong Kong and served as practical references for their entrepreneurial projects.
Dr. Monique Shui-Ki WAN, Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate Studies) and the Director of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and MSc Business Management (MScBM)  programmes at the HKBU School of Business, remarked, “Spanning the telecommunications, energy, and e-commerce sectors, these company tours showcased firms that are at the forefront of innovation and sustainable development. The engagement with senior corporate executives provided our students with direct exposure to the unique contributions Hong Kong makes in these areas.”
At the “Joint Innovation Plus” Hong Kong 5G Open Lab, a China Mobile intiative, students engaged with the company’s breakthroughs in 5G technology and its innovative applications. The lab functions as a network testing hub for local business partners to conduct application research and development. The visit enlightened students on various 5G use cases and explored the technology’s potential to revolutionize various industries, opening up new business opportunities and enhancing customer experiences. Mr. Carl SU, Associate Product Director of Education Corporate Market at China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited, further enriched the experience by sharing his expertise in 5G technology and discussing digital literacy in today’s networked world.
The tour also included an interactive learning experience at Towngas's Hall of Future Energy and the Towngas Hall of Innovation. Here, students were introduced to the company’s  innovative endeavours, understanding the challenges encountered and the strategies implemented to overcome them. Mr. Trevor TANG, AGM – Strategy & Innovation, The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Ltd, presented "Towngas Innovation Journey". The presentation illuminated the company’s strategic approach to innovation, shedding light on the company’s innovative tactics that drive business growth and create social impact.
A visit to HKTV provided a window into the operations of “HKTVmall”, the round-the-clock online shopping platform. A visit to HKTV provided a window into the operations of “HKTVmall,” the round-the-clock online shopping platform. The company's integrated services span online retailing, promotional marketing, digital analytics, smart logistics, and brick-and-mortar operations, forming a distinctive business ecosystem. Students witnessed the sophisticated automated systems and smart logistics in action, appreciating how HKTV efficiently handles a high volume of transactions and deliveries. Mr. Jerry TSANG, Senior Manager – Business Development at HKTV, discussed the company's commitment to sustainability, the challenges and prospects of AI, and their strategic plans for global expansion.

Our MBA programme consistently organises insightful corporate excursions that enable students to engage with innovative practices and sustainable growth strategies of businesses in Hong Kong and Mainland China, including Tencent, Skyworth Group, DJI, among others. These experiences not only broaden their horizons but also deepen their understanding of the business world. For additional information on admissions and programme specifics, please visit our Programme page.
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