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School Awards 2018-19 honour teaching and research excellence

05 Mar, 2019
img The Annual School Awards of the HKBU School of Business recognise the importance of teaching and research excellence. Ten faculty members were honoured in the School Awards 2018-19 for their contributions in these areas.
Dr. Rocky Chen and the team comprising Dr. Henry Fock, Prof. Gerard Prendergast, Dr. Glos Ho, Dr. Shirley Cheng, Dr. Connie Li are also honoured with the President’s Award this year.

Teaching (Individual)
Dr. Weiqiang Tan, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
Central to Dr. Tan’s teaching philosophy is “to benefit students beyond ‘classroom delivery’”.  He has developed new pedagogies and new course initiation in the Finance field, with the aim of becoming an enabler of students’ effective learning. By using the latest technologies and resources, Dr. Tan has managed to allow students to experience and understand what they are learning first-hand through experiential learning. Dr. Tan is also devoted to providing students with realistic insights, by constantly connecting with industry practitioners in enhancing his teaching and programme design. 
Teaching (Early Career Teaching)
Dr. Rocky Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing
By leveraging his research expertise and industry experience, Dr. Chen has developed his own pedagogy, designed to bridge theory and practice through experiential and engaging learning. As an award-winning researcher, Dr. Chen believes that high-quality research informs teaching and he incorporates theory with real-life examples in his teaching. Dr. Chen adopts learner-centred approaches. Through inspiring course activities, Dr. Chen stimulates students to participate and interact inside and outside the classroom. Dr. Chen is also committed to promoting effective teaching practice with the HKBU community and beyond through experience sharing and guest lectures with other faculties and institutions.
Teaching (Team Teaching)
Dr. Henry Fock, Prof. Gerard Prendergast, Dr. Glos Ho, Dr. Shirley Cheng, Dr. Connie Li
In 2014, the Socially Responsible Marketing (SRM) Team was formed to foster socially responsible marketing and consumption practices, combining ethical awareness, attitudes and behaviours among young people. The team includes Dr. Henry Fock, Prof. Gerard Prendergast, Dr. Shirley Cheng, Dr. Glos Ho and Dr. Connie Li. The team’s vision is that SRM’s message, which affects everyone in our community, must reach beyond the School of Business to students of other faculties on campus, as well as the local Hong Kong community, and even the global community. Over the past few years, the team has designed and developed two new experiential learning courses – Socially Responsible Marketing at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Through these courses, students have not only gained extensive knowledge about SRM, but have also developed a sense of citizenship in serving and giving back to society.

To spread SRM’s message to the local Hong Kong and global community, the team have demonstrated how university education should be promoted beyond the tertiary education sector. The team instigated the first-ever Hong Kong secondary-school marketing contest along with the HKSAR Education Bureau (Business-School Partnership Programme, BSPP) and the Hong Kong Consumer Council to promote socially responsible consumption. At the beginning of 2018, the team led a three-year, HK$8.22 million project funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Trust Charities. The primary goal of the project is to extend SRM’s teaching initiative beyond secondary schools, informing the public through school contests and TV programmes and establishing a Social Impact Index to monitor Responsible Consumption in Hong Kong.
The SRM team believes that business schools should incorporate social responsibility into their curriculum and research, to motivate the younger generations to become responsible marketers and consumers.
Scholarly Work
Dr. Christy Cheung, Associate Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
A highly cited scholar, Dr. Cheung has an impressive record of scholarly work covering areas of technology use and well-being, social media, data analytics and IS security. Over the past ten years, Dr. Cheung has been widely recognised with research awards such as the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence and Distinguished Paper Awards at the International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Administration, e-Society, e-Education, and e-Technology etc. Five of her articles are listed as “Highly Cited Papers” in Essential Science Indicators (ESI) in 2018. Being the Principal Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator of over 25 research projects, Dr. Cheung’s papers are often published on top-tier journals, including Journal of Management Information Systems, MIS Quarterly, and others.
Young Researchers
Dr. Mengxiang Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
With a wide range of research interests covering business information systems and analytics, user-centred technology design, digital marketing, innovation and IT implementation, and neuro-information systems, Dr. Li is a fast-tracker in terms of research output. He has published more than 20 research papers in the past five years, including in grade A journals such as MIS Quarterly and Journal of Management Information Systems. His articles have also appeared in premier information system conferences, such as International Conference on Information Systems, European Conference on Information Systems and Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems. In 2017, Dr. Li was recognised with the Theoretical Contribution Award presented by the China Information Economics Society (CIES). 
Dr. Zhenbin Liu, Assistant Professor, Department of Accountancy and Law
Dr. Liu is committed to high-quality capital market research in accounting. Having joined the HKBU School of Business a year and a half ago, Dr. Liu has published two papers in grade A journals, namely Review of Accounting Studies and Contemporary Accounting Research. With a research focus on accounting regulations, Dr. Liu has been publishing articles on how regulatory changes affect investor trading behaviours, and  in areas like tax avoidance, eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL), disclosure, cost of capital, auditing and corporate social responsibility. Dr. Liu has a strong research trajectory with a number of working papers under review by top-tier accounting journals.