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​School Awards 2019-20 honour teaching and service excellence

21 Apr, 2020
img The Annual School Awards of the HKBU School of Business recognise the importance of teaching, research and service excellence. Nine faculty members were honoured in the School Awards 2019-20 for their contributions in these areas.
Teaching (Individual)
Dr. Stella So, Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Accountancy and Law
Central to Dr. So’s learner-centred teaching approach is storytelling and respect. Always bearing in mind the stereotypes towards accounting, Dr. So has been walking the extra mile to prepare real-life and familiar applications to spark students’ learning interests in each class and to promote critical thinking and enduring understanding. With the ever-changing accounting standards, Dr. So has kept her knowledge and teaching material up-to-date by acquiring the latest industry news. As a teacher for over 30 years, Dr. So has been providing students not only with practical knowledge and work experience, but also with care and support for their personal and career developments. From becoming a better listener, to reviewing her communication style with different generations of students, Dr. So is devoted to creating a dynamic and engaging learning experience for students.
Dr. Archimedes Guerra, Lecturer I, Department of Marketing
Dr. Archimedes’ teaching philosophy is founded on an action-based, experiential approach to teaching social entrepreneurship that is aided by technology. Building on students’ high degree of digital literacy, Dr. Archimedes uses a blended learning approach, developing multi-modal learning activities to promote higher levels of participation and engagement in classes, empower students’ learning and help them become more motivated and responsible students. Besides technology, Dr. Archimedes also values the importance of the human touch. As an Academic Advisor, Dr. Archimedes enables students to make improvements and developments by helping them find the right balance between learning and their lives outside school. Drawing on his own experience, Dr. Archimedes passes on to students his real-life knowledge and international perspective in running a family enterprise and social enterprise.
Teaching (Research Supervision)
Prof. Christy Cheung, Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
As a multi-award winning and internationally recognised scholar, Prof. Cheung has been a devoted supervisor to her PhD students, helping pave their road to success in academia. Over the past eight years, Prof. Cheung has been enabling her students to become among the best in the field, from publishing research papers in top-tier journals and encouraging international exposure, to connecting them to scholars and alumni and securing prestigious placement before graduation. Prof. Cheung has a sharp eye for potential students, based in part on her supervision of BBA students’ honours projects. A researcher raised and educated in Hong Kong, Prof. Cheung also recognises her responsibility to drive the development of academia in Hong Kong.
Scholarly Work
Dr. Jian Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
As a top scholar, Dr. Zhang’s research lies at the intersection of behavioural economics and household finance, with a special interest in topics of household decisions related to consumption, investment and entrepreneurship. Since joining HKBU in 2016, Dr. Zhang has published five articles, all of which are in grade A/A- journals, including Journal of Financial Economics, Management Science, Review of Finance and Journal of Financial Intermediation. He has been recognised with research awards such as the Best Paper Award in Banking and Financial Institutions at AsianFA, and the Newman Fellowship, and he is regularly featured in major newspapers and business magazines, such as Forbes, Business Times, Straits Times, Economic Times and Caixin. He also maintains a strong research pipeline with a number of working papers under revise and resubmission by top-tier economics and finance journals.
Prof. Kimmy Chan, Professor, Department of Marketing
Prof. Chan is an eminent researcher with an impressive track record of scholarly work. Over the past 10 years, she has published papers in top-tier journals including Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Prof. Chan has also been invited to join the editorial review board of the leading journals including Journal of Marketing and Journal of Service Research, which has brought HKBU to the centre of international arena of marketing research and contributed much to the University’s reputation. Having won global prestigious honours like the MSI’s Young Scholar by Marketing Science Institute, Best Service Article by the American Marketing Association, and Outstanding Reviewer Award by Journal of Marketing, Prof. Chan is the research leader in the Department of Marketing spearheading a number of key projects. Her academic excellence is also reflected by her significant attainment of competitive research grants.
Young Researcher
Dr. Ting Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics
Dr. Chen is a rising star in economics, with a specialisation in political economy, economic, history and development economics. Since joining the School in July 2018 under HKBU’s Talent 100 Scheme for the Research Cluster of ‘Data Analytics and AI in X’, she has published papers in grade A journals including Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Econometrics and Economic Journal. Dr. Chen is best known for her ability to combine cutting-edge data analytics with innovative econometric identification strategies to tackle very interesting issues. Her mastery of data analytics skills has opened up new ways of answering old questions, as well as helping to identify new questions. Dr. Chen’s reputation can be testified by the many invitations to present papers and present at universities such as UC San Diego, Caltech, Peking University, Fudan University, and HKUST.
Dr. Erica Xu, Assistant Professor, Department of Management
An emerging researcher in the management field, Dr. Xu has published extensively in grade A/A- journals, including Organisation Science, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology and Journal of Management, over the past three years. Dr. Xu’s research covers a broad range of interests, with  papers in  leadership, intrateam dynamics, employee voice and helping behaviour.
Dr. Aries Wong, Lecturer I, Department of Economics
Dr. Wong’s service to the School and the University reaches far beyond the campus. He is dedicated to knowledge transfer engaging a wide variety of stakeholders, from prospective and current students, to the professional sector and the public at large. Currently the BSSc China Studies Economics Concentration Coordinator, Dr. Wong is also a key contributor to postgraduate programmes in management and promotion, student admission and consultation. Dr. Wong has a track record of coaching winning student teams in competitions, and being a sought-after academic by local and international media for expert analyses on social and economic topics. Externally, Dr. Wong has been a member of the Curriculum Development Council and Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority Committee on Economics, and an Expert Panellist of Text Revision Study of the Consumer Council.
Dr. Henry Fock, Head & Associate Professor, Department of Marketing
Dr. Fock has made substantial service contributions on multiple fronts over many years. He has helped enhance the teaching and research performance of his Department, broadened students’ learning experience, and built a good rapport with the business community and alumni. He has also continually improved the student admission rate for the Department through a series of effective measures and programmes. Dr. Fock has led important initiatives in nurturing ethical and social minds in the young generation. Major programmes include a HKJC funded Responsible Consumption Community Project and the Nurturing Social Minds Programme which received a donation commitment from the Government’s Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund and the Yeh Family Philanthropy. His Department also collaborated with the HKSAR Education Bureau in promoting a “customer appreciation” culture among secondary school students, collaborating with the Hong Kong Association for Customer Service Excellence and its members, including Ocean Park. Dr. Fock serves as a member of a number of panels and committees at HKBU, and externally he is a member of academic journals’ editorial boards. 
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